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These are a very desirable firearm.The date I have found on this piece is 1907 and the value will go upwards of $750.00.

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Does IS stamped on William A Rodgers silverware indicate sterling silver?

no it means international silver

How old would a Rodgers Arms Co Single Barrel Shotgun that has no European markings only the words Rodgers Arms Co Rodgers Steel and a serial number?

I have a Rodgers Arms Co. Double barrel 12 gauge shot gun. The patten date stamped in frame under the barrels Nov 25' 90 with March 12' 95 stamped below the first. The barrels are made of Damascus steel. Their guns are very similar to the ones manufactured by Stevens / Savage just a few years later. I have also had a hard time finding any information about the company.

What does FBR stand for on Italian Silver?

The FBR stamped on Italian Silver shows it was manufactured by the FB Rodgers Silver Co. The FB Rodgers Silver Co specialized in sliver plating.

Where can i find information about a violin stamped Deroux?

If it is stamped inside in the middle of the back, it is French, probably from around 1900.

Old name for Chicago Bridge Iron?

I have stamped "1960 ENG Chicago" iron cafe bistro table w/ 4 matching chairs. information appreciated; could it be the old name of Chicago Bridge & Iron? respond please to: NORINETW@MSN.COM

Where can you find information on 32 revolver with the word Spain stamped on it and Marco registrada stamped around a seal?

Gun show, gun shop, library.

Information on a 6mm caliber Roberts barrel stamped Ossian rifle?


How do you know year and what block is from the numbers stamped on block? has casting numbers and information

V bernardelli gardone vt caliber 22lr anyone know its value stamped 1956 also hasa stamping of 974 inside the grips any info is appreciated?

50-200 USD

What is sentence for stamped?

I would like to get my passport stamped, please. The little skunk stamped his feet, so I ran!

I need to get information on a .22 rimfire gun with U.S. Arms Co. stamped on top of the barrel and N0. 1 stamped on top of the frame.?

!@ turn of the century, inexpensive

What is the opposite of 'stamped'?


How do you read a caliber?

As it is written/labeled/stamped on the item. Cartridges of the World, any edition, will give you more information.

Do you have information on a coach gun with Walters Sons and WF Co stamped on it?

Blue Book of Gun Values will help.

What does 187 stamped on gold jewelry mean it also has a U stamped on it?

Did you ever find the answer to your question. I just went through my jewelery box and have an old broach with 187 stamped on the back of what looks like a gold piece. I can't find any information on it on the website. I quess I'll take it to a jeweler.

How do you spell stamped?

Stamped is the correct spelling.

What is a sentence for stamped?

The company stamped the person as their best employee. This sentence uses the word stamped in it.

Where can you get information on a 22 caliber rifle with PELGIUM stamped on the barrel?

Blue Book of Gun Values, old gun catalogs

What is the value of a dish stamped Altenburg Germany SAXE?

One would need much more information to provide a valuation.

What does lxg mean stamped on gold?

what does LXG stamped on gold mean

Is Waterford crystal always stamped?


What is the tense of was stamped?

'Stamped' is the past tense of 'stamp.

What is the year of manufacture for Remington model 12 serial number 771473?

1929, it will be date code stamped on the barrel, for information see related links for information on the Remington Society of America.

What information on a Nitro Hunter Shotgun single barrel with exposed hammer stamped Belknap Hdwre and Mfg serial A 4472?

nitro hunter shotgun single barrel with exposed hammer stamped belknap hdwre and mfg serial 5516

What does it mean when jewelry is stamped C2?

When jewelry is stamped with C2, it is the manufacturer's stamp. Other items commonly found on jewelry is information on the metal that it is made from, and personal inscriptions.