Is argon explosive

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No, it is an inert gas.

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Q: Is argon explosive
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Is argon gas explosive?

Any gas stored under pressure can result in an explosion. But other than that, no. Argon is chemically inert.

What hazards can argon gas pose to humans?

In general none. However, argon is often used to clear out tanks which are filled with explosive or combustible gases. Argon, being a dense gas will collect at the bottom of such a tank and poses a risk of death by asphyxiation.

What happens when heat gets to argon?

if it is heated to much it will blow up as it is flammable and explosive it is also dangerous if pressurized in a container

How does argon affect people?

Argon is non-toxic and so does not affect people in any significant way. It is significantly denser than the other gases in air and so, in an enclosed space, it can fill the lower layers. This could result in death by asphyxiation - particularly because, being inert, argon is often used in tanks which could contain explosive fumes.

Is oxygen chlorine silicon or argon?


What are All the Atoms in argon?

Argon is an element and all the atoms in argon are argon atoms.

How many isotopes does Argon have?

The element Argon has 8 Isotopes argon-35, argon-36, argon-37, argon-38, argon-39, argon-40, argon-41 and argon-42.The stable isotopes of argon are:argon-36, 0.34%argon-38, 0.06%argon-40, 99.60%Of the radioactive isotopes argon-39 has the longest halflife at about 260 years, all the others have halflives measured in days or much less.

What is argon name?

Curiously enough, the name of argon Is argon.

What is one use of argon?

Argon is used to make argon

Which element had the largest atom potassium or argon?


What elements make up argon?

Argon is a noble gas. Argon gas is only composed of argon

Is Mount Vesuvius explosive or non explosive?

its explosive

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