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Is astatine an alkaline metal?


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No. Astatine is a halogen. The alkaline earth metals are in the column second from the left of the periodic table.

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Astatine is a heavy halogen; no similarities with strontium (alkaline earth metal).

Astatine is a solid nonmetal.

My science teacher says that Astatine is a nonmetal.

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Astatine is a nonmetal and halogen.

Astatine is a radioactive halide (non-metal), not enough of it exists to determine its physical characteristics.

No, chromium is not an alkaline metal.

It is an alkaline earth metal.

It is not a alkaline metal.It is a alkaline earth metal.

Yes, calcium is an alkaline earth metal.

It is not an alkaline earth metal it is a noble gas

it's a non-metal, is what wikepedia says

No, the guy before me was wrong, Astatine is a Metalloid and it is used in the Radiotherapy of cancer.

yes sodium is a alklaine metal it belong to the alkaline metal group

strontium is alkaline earth metal and its oxide is a basic alkaline.

It is actually a transition metal so it is neither an alkali metal nor an alkaline earth metal.

ALKALI is in the group 1 while ALKALINE is in group 11 alkaline has a lot of several of members of the element

Alkaline metals are group 1 elements Alkaline earth metals are group 2 elements Transition metals are group 3 to group 12 elements

alkaline is a soluble base.

Be is the least reactive of alkaline earth metals. It is the first metal of the alkaline earth metals.

No,it is an alkaline metal.

The reactivity of the alkaline earth metal is lower than that of the alkali metal.

Yes. A solid nonmetal of the halogen family.

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