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Babies who develop Asthma are at a higher risk for respiratory problems. My son developed a respiratory virus (RSV) at the age of five months. It was sudden and we couldn't see it coming. The first warning sign of RSV is short breaths, inability to catch one's breath, eg: panting. After such an illness an infant will 90% of the time develop ashtma.

Other factors that contribute to the development of asthma are family history, living environment, and diet. Food Allergies tend to set off asthma. My son is three years old now and is on an Albuterol "Quick Relief" inhaler and a Nebulizer to administer his other medicines. If you suspect your baby has asthma, get it checked out.

If when he cries for a while he starts coughing relentlessly, that is a sign. If when he is playful and is laughing alot and this leads to constant coughing, this is another sign.

Asthma is very harmful for babies if left unchecked.

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Q: Is asthma more harmful to babies?
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