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Average Speed is different from average speed becoz speed is particular while avera speed is the total distance divided from time

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Q: Is average speed the same as speed?
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Does average velocity and average speed have the same number?

velocity is a vector and speed is scalar. Velocity has magnitude and directions, with magnitude being speed. The magnitude of average velocity and average speed is the same.

When can average speed and instantaneous speed be the same?

Average and instantaneous speed are the same when the speed is constant during the time period you're interested in.

Can average velocity and average speed be same?

The magnitude of both can be the same.

When are speed and average speed the same?

Average speed is an average value of speed over a given time. If your speed is constant (not changing), then your average speed will equal your speed at any given moment in time.

What is the same instantanoeus speed and average speed?

different on constant and instantaneous speed

Can you use average speed to calculate the speed of an object that is moving at a constant speed?

Yes. If an object is moving at a constant speed the average speed and the constant speed are the same.

How is instantaneous speed different from average speed?

BecuZ average is the same limit and the other is nesting velocity

Which describes the average velocity of an ant at a constant speed ina straight line?

In that case, the average speed is the same as the instantaneous speed.

How do you get the avrage speed?

d/t=s d = distance t = time s = speed the speed is actually going to be the average speed because they are practically the same thing (and for this equation speed is the exact same thing as average speed)

How average speed and average velocity are related to each other?

Average velocity equals the average speed if (and only if) the motion is in the same direction. If not, the average speed, being the average of the absolute value of the velocity, will be larger.

How does distance affects the average speed?

Distance does not affect the average speed. A car can travel 1 kilometre at an average speed of 60 km per hour, or it can travel 100 km at the same average speed.

Why would you not expect all of the molecules of air in your room to have the same average speed?

They do have the same average speed ... it's called the air temprature. I believe you need to define average for yourself.

How do you compute the average speed of an athlete?

The same way you calculate the average speed of anything else. Divide distance by time.

How do you calculate the average speed of a swimmer?

The same way you calculate the average speed of any object. You divide distance by time.

What is the different between constant speed and average speed?

Constant speed is unchanging. average speed is an average of speeds over a time (or distance) span and those speeds can have changed a lot. The average speed of something travelling at constant speed has however exactly the same value as the constant speed of that object.

Is there a circumstance average speed equal to average velocity?

As long as there is no change in direction then they are effectively the same.

10.61 in the 100 meters equates to what speed in the 100 yard dash?

9.70, at the same average speed

In what condition average velocity is equal to average speed give an example?

When an object is moving along a straight line at a variable speed, we can express the magnitude of the rate of motion in terms of average velocity.It is the same way as we calculate average speed.

Why is average speed not always the same as final speed?

It almost never is ... define average : ALL the different speeds divided by the number of times you measured it.

Are average speed and average velocity always the same measurements why?

I think it is cuz speed is velocity it's just a vector (more difficult name)

Is the average speed larger then equal to or smaller then half its final speed?

It can be any of them. If your final speed is the fastest you have gone then it is smaller, if it is the slowest you have gone then it is bigger and if it is the average of what you have been doing then it is the same.

What is your average speed if you go 10mph uphill and 20mph downhill?

depends, if that was the constant speed at all times uphill and downhill, and the times are both the same. then the average speed would be 15mph

If distance is increased but time remains the same what would happen to your average speed?

The average spped increase

Can the average velocity of a car and average speed be the same?

Yes, if the car moves in only one direction.

Why is it useful to find the average speed of a object?

Most things don't move with the same speed at all times