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Is batista a bad guy now?

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yes batista is a bad guy now cause he attack Rey Mysterio

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AnswerA face in wrestling is basically the good guy in the match, and the heel is the bad guy of the match. For example, Batista vs. Triple H: Batista = Heel, Triple H = Face.

The man now realizes that being a bad guy is boring, so now decides to be a good guy from now on.

who knows and plus hes not that bad of a leader

Batista was born in Washington DC. He now lives in Miami, Florida.

To be honest no. although i love Batista now, but Batista was desrespectful to alot of wrestlers because really that was what evoultion was all about. Yes. I have always liked Batista

The guy may have been Batista but he would have kicked Punk's butt if it was him.

batista have been champion three times batista is now the 4 time world champ

batista quit alreadii in the wwe. right now its *June 9th 2010* and batista quit like about 5-9 weeks ago

Dave Batista is divorced now, he has 2 or 3 kids and the kids are girls.

He will not. He has now retired.

Negotiating a contract with StrikeForce.

As of now No. Edge has the heavyweight title which is in smackdown and Batista is in RAW. If either batista goes to smackdown or the title comes to RAW then yes Batista will fight for the heavyweight title.

A good guy! In the Avengers that's what they were talking about how she changed and now she works on helping people to an extent.

Batista left the WWE because he did not like the direction the company was headed in, you know the PG format. As of right now he is looking at a career in MMA and as for Batista returning to the WWE, don't hold your breath

the octomus prime + Darth Vader = bad guy

Batista is now at his house and will later have a comeback on either raw or smackdown attacking john cena

None now. He has left WWE.

it is a good guy, a bad guy is called a antagonist

actually batista is probably the strngest man everrrrr

Dave "The Animal" Batista is a wrestler who was in WWE and has been a WWE wrestling champion Batista used to be part of a group with Triple H, Ric Flair and Randy Orton. He is a future hall of famer, and is considered to beone of the best wrestlers in the industry today.Batista is now a heel (bad guy) and he has split with Rey Mysterio.fathers name is saurabhDavid Bautista is a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler and personality. Bautista is an American of mixed Filipino and Greek ancestry. He holds the distinction of being the longest reigning champion in WWE history. He left wrestling in 2012 to enter the field of Mixed Martial Arts.

He is with neither company he wants to do movies

Batista was married to a woman named Glenda in the early 1990s, but then they divorced. Batista married his second wife Angie on October 13, 1998, yet they divorced in 2006. Now he's not married.

when he does not treat you right

Rapunzal's bad guy is Gothel.

batista is datin kelly kelly i think type it in utube but i can tell u meline Perez was his ex girlfriend