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Is batista really mad at Randy Orton?


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Batista is really mad at Randy Orton because Randy put Batista on the shelf for about 4 months, from January 09 to April 09. -Drew (a future wrestler)


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Yes he is because Randy Orton did the RKO on Stephanie McMahon! Feb 2009 NO it is just a storyline well da he is mad

No Randy Orton is not a punk he just gets so mad that he cant control it so he does bad things

No. it is a storyline where the members of the shield act as if they are really mad at Orton and Sheamus. In real life, almost all WWE superstars are friends and respect one another. In this case, all members of the shield are new comers to the WWE and they are fortunate to work with top guys like Orton and Sheamus so early in their careers. So, I am sure they have a lot of respect and friendship towards these guys off-screen.

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randy ortons tats are a design mad by randy orton and the wwe made it for him but here is the thign there sleves!FAKE!the tats mean something about his family the rose on his left arm is for his daughter and also has his daughteres birthdate on it.then somewhere on his write arm is a message from his whife the WWE had nothing to do with his designs. they are custom drawn on his body by CAT ALEXANDER who works at Diablo Ink in High Ridge,MO

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Chris Jericho won the Smackdown one and John cena won the raw one but Vince McMahon Did Batista a favor by stripping john from his title and giving it to CENA! I WAS REALLY MAD!!!

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No it is just his character.

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