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Both the degree have their own scope. If we talk about facts and figures than BBA have a slightly upper edge.

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Q: Is bba better than b.s in economics?
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Can you get a BBA in Management and Organizations and a BS in Chemistry?


What is the difference between BS and BBA?

A BS is a Bachelor of Science degree that is obtained from a four year college or university. A BBA is a Bachelor of Business Administration degree that is usually obtained from a technical college or business school in less than four years.

Is there a Catholic university that offers a BS in economics?

Almost all Catholic university offer a BS in economics.

Is architecture engineering better than MB BS in Pakistan?

no UPS is better

What is the qualification of hina rabbani khar?

Bs. (Hons) economics

What is a Bachelor of Business Administration degree consider A BS or a BA degree?

It is a BBA, and depending on your course load or university, it could be either.

Where was Steven A. Burd educated?

Earned a BS in economics from Carroll College in 1971, and in 1973 he earned an MA in economics from the University of Wisconsin,

Which is better-bs from iisc or bs in physics from iit kanpur if you like physics?

bs from iisc

What would a bachelor of science in business administration graduate put on their business card b.s.b.a bsba b.s. or bs?

You would indicate BS after your name. That being said, with a Bachelors degree, there is usually no reference to it after a name. Degrees that are Masters and above are indicated. To some individuals placing BA or BS after a name may appear peculiar or even inappropriate.

Is a BS or a BA better for a Zoology major?

Typically at the bachelors level it is a bachelors of science (BS).

What kind of degrees does LUMS offer?

The Lahore University of Management Sciences offers the following degree programs: biology (BS, MS, PhD), chemistry (BS, MS, PhD), computer science (BS, MS, PhD), electrical engineering (BS, MS, PhD), mathematics (BS, MS, PhD), physics (BS, MS, PhD), economics (BSc, MSc), economics and politics (BSc), political science (BSc), anthropology and sociology (BSc), accounting and finance (BSc), management science (BSc, PhD), humanities (BA), history (BA), BA-LL.B, MBA, Executive MBA.

What is better BS or BSc?

They are the same degree type, with just a different abbreviation. The bachelor in science degree (BS or BSc) is a general degree type from which many specific programs of study (majors) fall. For example, a bachelor in science in engineering, biology, physics, nursing, etc.