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Unfortunately, the people who discussed this issue below are incorrect. You can NOT have both simultaneously. I had to log in and change this response, because someone actually sent this link to me. By definition in the DSM-IV-TR and ICD-10, which health professionals worldwide use to diagnose Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa, you can only be diagnosed with one of these disorders at any given time. In BOTH anorexia and bulimia, patients attempt to restrict or reduce body weight by restricting food intake and/or binging and purging (e.g., eating large quantities and vomiting, using laxatives). The distinguishing feature is that patients with anorexia maintain less than 85% of their expected body weight and bulimic patients are able to maintain their expected body weight. Below is a link to the diagnostic criteria used by physicians, psychologists, and other health professionals in diagnosing either disorder.


Ok, i'd just like 2 clear this up, YES people can have both eating disorders! I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, then a few months later, i was diagnosed by a hospital specialist with anorexia nervosa with bulimic symptoms. This is possible because of things you do,

First off,anorexia was the actual disease,i over exercised,limited calories & fasted! Next, i would take syrup to induce vomitting & laxatives. I wouldn't binge as a bulimic was, & i was always 80 lbs,at 26 yrs old & 5'4 so always under weight, however since i did all 4 things the specialist said i had both! Anorexia & bulimia combined are VERY dangerouse & a deadly combination,if you have both since this is a physcological disease you will have tendencies to switch a lot & go from one extreme to the other! This not only confuses you, but it also takes a huge toll on your body.What you really need if you have both of these is a really GOOD therapist, but if this is just another want to lose weight thing, well, all i can say is, people with anorexia or bulimnia or both have physcological issues, it is not just about losing weight! So if this is just another weight loss wanna be thing then you do realize it wont succeed. You see people who REALLY have this disease have it in their mind, and the mind is the MOST powerfull thing. If you don't really have this & just want to lose weight, well it wont work out,you cant make yourself have something you don't, anorexia is not a choice its an awfull disease!!! You spend your life in & out of hospitals,lose your menstruation, & i had a heart attack already & am only 26 yrs old, so really its up to you to decide, if you really have these diseases seak help, if you just want 2 lose weight then don't even bother associating it with ed's, nothing pisses me off more then people who want something they don't have,i mean really, who would want anorexia? Its crazy!

AnswerAbsolutley. You have to take care of yourself. I was once anorexic and believe me to gain back the weight it is not pretty. Doctors made me go on a feeding tube so I could get healthy again, I almost died because of it. So I would have to say that a combination of the two of them would be like taking your whole life and flushing it. If you are doing both of these too try to loss weight, then STOP NOW PLEASE. You don't want to do it like this. Go to a gym and exercise and eat healthy, that's what Im doing today. If you want to have children in the future then you need to act like an adult now and think of what your putting your body through, because you need certain antibodies to produce. AnswerIt is dangerous to be either, but of course if you combine them that it is even more dangerous... but i don't see how you would combine them because anorexia means you don't eat... and bulemia means you pig out and then make yourself throw up... Both of these are DISEASES and could kill you. If you have an eating disorder you should seek counseling IMMEDIATELY AnswerI have been anorexic and bulemic for 14 years. I am only 23. I did not binge. I would vomit without eating. Because of this, i have had 4 major surgeries done on my esophagus and stomache. I have also have a heart condition to the point that i will wake up in an ambulance or er about once every 2 months. My lowest weight was 51 lbs. I am 5foot 5 and a half. These are disorders that will destroy you phisically and emotionally. You need to find treatment to figure out where your problem stems from- the weight is a cover for control, ndgative attention, or many other problems with home life or self esteem. Live your life- enjoy your friends and loved ones before its to late. Dont consume your life with false fallicies. Dont lose people simply because they just cant deal anymore. You have so much to live for, don't base your life on a number that's never good enough. With the help of loved ones, i have not practiced over a year and am a happy, healthy 118 lbs. Dont be scared- its only a number.
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Q: Is being anorexic and bulimic more dangerous than just the one?
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How long do you have to keep making yourself sick to become anorexic?

Making yourself sick (as in throwing up) means that you are bulimic. Anorexic means that you strave yourself and work out more to lose weight. You don't just "become anorexic" it is a mental disorder.

Can you lose 20 pounds while being bulimic?

you can but being bulimic sucks its depressing and it makes you feel like a pirate who just got killed by Jack Sapparrow

Why is bad to be bulimic?

Being bulimic isn't bad. People just say it is because they are jealous that you are becoming skinny and they aren't. I think everyone should be bulimic so we can all be wonderfully skinny!

Would it be ok if you tried to be anorexic just until you were skinny enough?

No. It is essentially to just "become" anorexic and similarly to just then "stop". Anorexia is a real and dangerous eating disorder that is caused by serious mental distress.

Why do you have to be skinny to be a model or actress?

You don't. It just makes it a lot easier to do. Remember Rosie O'Donnell? How about Queen Latifah? Plenty of heavier models and actresses. They are just GROSSLY outnumbered by anorexic bulimic blondes.

How long does it take to notice weight loss after becoming anorexic?

I am 13 and i saw a difference in my size in just 3days. being anorexic is dangerous, it can lead to many health problems in the future and can also change your emotional state of mind. hope it helped any way.

I am 15 and weigh 105lb and I am 5.3 feet tall am I anorexic or just underweight?

If you're female you are NOT anorexic, you are about the regular weight If you're male then you have a real high chance of being anorexic.

What is worse anorexia or bulimia?

Bulimia. Bulimia involves your digestive tract while Anorexia just involves you starving. However, it's easier to be Bulimic than Anorexic. Even though both are bad. :)

Is Selena anorexic?

No, shes just a petite person, shes not anorexic

Can fat people become anorexic?

Anorexia Nervosa is NOT a choice, one does not "become" anorexic. It is a mental illness that has a side effect of significant weight loss - so on this basis, someone medically overweight can BE anorexic, it just means that their symptoms will cause them to loose weight at a dangerous rate and, if they survive, they will have a BMI classified as anorxic.

Do you gain weight being bulimic?

Yes you can gain weight being bulimic. The hardcore bulimics who actually lose weight from being bulimic are the ones who are dying. They are no different than the people who are malnourished and starving. Is it worth it? NO. If you want to lose weight and not lose control over your life then just calorie count and exercise. There is no shortcuts. Unless you can afford surgery but then you have to be able to risk it. EVERYONE i know who has had some type of weight loss surgery had severe complications.

What should you say to tell my boyfriend I'm are bulimic?

Q. you mean 'how should i say to my boyfriend that I'm bulimic? A. by moving your mouth and making works come out? A2. by saying 'I am bulimic' ? just say it.

Are bulimics skinny?

== Sometimes people turn bulimic because they're overweight and are having trouble with other diets. Maybe they're under a lot of stress, or maybe someone is making them feel bad about themselves. Bulimia sometimes goes on for years and is a very serious condition. By not keeping food down, the bulimic person is starving their body of nutrients. In extreme situations the bodys organs can start to shut down. In that case, the bulimic person most likely has to be hospitalized immediately or slowly starve to death. Not necessarily - even if you are bulimic usually you binge and purge but you still eat and take in the calories of what your eating regardless if you purge. Bulimia is serious and does not always just involve being bulimic on its own they are also over obsessed with exercise and are also most time anorexic as well. It varies from individual to individual.

Is marijuana a controlled dangerous substance?

its not dangerous....just smoke it and stop being a pussy

How do you be pretty but anorexic?

not anorexec.. that is just an disgusting thing to do to yourself.. seek help if you are anorexic, please.

How can you get help if you have been anorexic and bulimic for 15 years?

There are some really great clinics that you can go to that are designed just for people with eating disorders. I used to be anorexic myself so I know what you are going through. I am so very proud of you for wanting to get help. I did not make that decision on my own like you. I was told that I had to get help. God Bless you!:) If you need to e-mail me my e-mail address is

Is Cheryl Cole anorexic?

no she is just skinny

Is Tracy Butler anorexic?

Just look at her.

How do you start being anorexic?

You can't just decided to become anorexic you idiot!! But go ahead n live a few days in the life of us and consume less than 400 cals a day while running for miles and doing constant crunches. Let's see if you wanna "become anorexic" then!

Is it tempting to go anorexic?

For wannabes it is but for most people like myself that just sounds stupid as i am a proper anorexic.

What is the fastest way to become anorexic?

BEST. Like the best way to get into a car accident. Anorexic is a mind set. OCD helps but girl you just want to be skinny and that not anorexic.

What does being anorexic or bulimic do to your appearance?

Anorexia and Bulemia are eating dissorders, Anorexia is resstricting your food intake aka. starvation. it leads to extreme weight loss, poor growth, poor circulation and loss of bone mass. Bulimia is where you make yourself vomit after eating and leads to large weight fluctations and an increased risk of problems with the heart.... Basicley, If you are anorexic or bulemic then in the end you just look like a walking skeleton, your cheeks hollow and your skin goes grey. once your body realises that you are not giving it food, it begins to use stored fat for energy, and then it uses up your muscles until you have none. I tried being anorexic, to lose weight. after I ended up in hospital and was forced to eat again, after just 1 week of eating normally, i actually weighed more than I did before. everyone told me that whilst I was anorexic, i looked like hell.... not a good idea

How do you feel before you are anorexic?

Before a person become anorexic, they are just like any other normal person in the world.

What if your friends say your really skinny does that mean im enerexik?

*anorexic* and no, it just means your skinny. If you eat regularly your not anorexic.

Why is Cher Lloyd anorexic?

she's not anorexic. she's just thin and she knows it, why is that, she's trying to eat a bit more ;)