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Yes, bell peppers and green bell peppers come from the same plant. Often, green bell peppers are just red, yellow, or orange peppers that have yet to ripen.

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Which part of a green bell pepper is the top?

The part of the green bell pepper is the one with the stem on top.

Is a red bell pepper and red pepper the same?

Not to most people. Red bell peppers are sweet like green bell peppers. Most red peppers are hot and hotter.

How do you say bell pepper in Spanish?

green bell pepper = Chile dulce or Chile morron; red bell pepper = pimienton

What is green bell pepper called in Hindi?

Shimla mirchi is the vegetable bell pepper in Hindi.

What is slivered sweet green pepper?

A "sweet green pepper" would be a bell pepper or a cherry pepper. "Slivered" would be slicing it thinly.

How much does green bell pepper cost?

Well, I went to Winn-Dixie this morning and a green bell pepper was $1.29 each. I remember when they used to be 4 for $1.00.

Why does your jalapeno pepper smell like a bell pepper?

the jalapeno is just like a bell pepper but hotter.there all in the same family and category

Are peppers hot?

It depends on what kind of pepper it is. If it is a green (bell) pepper (not the jalapeno), not at all. If it is a green (bell) pepper with a small red area (over-ripening), not at all. The above two kinds of Bell Peppers can be eaten raw, put in salads, or stuffed with a ground beef mixture for baked peppers. If it is a fully RED pepper (not a hot pepper) then not really. If it is a hot pepper or a jalopeno then yes. They are very hot. A hot pepper can be green or red.

How much does a green bell pepper weight?

.47 lbs. Green bell peppers can vary in weight depending on the type of season, growing conditions, and the individual variation of each pepper.

Are sweet peppers different from red or green peppers?

Sweet pepper is another term for red, yellow or green bell pepper.

How many grams is half a pepper?

It depends on the type of pepper and if you are talking about how many grams of carbs or the weight in grams. WikiAnswers has already answered the carb question for bell peppers. For the weight, my scales indicate 140 grams for a medium and "trimmed" (ready to chop) green bell pepper.So, a half of a medium and trimmed green bell pepper weighs 70 grams.Also, one bell pepper equals one cup of chopped bell pepper (how handy is that?).

Which vegetable is also called 'bell pepper'?

I think it is called a green pepper, sorry if it is wrong.

What kind of pepper is best for a layered pasta salad?

The best kind of pepper for a layered pasta salad is red bell pepper or green pepper.

Why does a yellow pepper taste sweeter than a green pepper?

There are many different types of peppers or chiles, but I assume this question is asking about bell peppers. A green bell pepper (which we often just refer to as a green pepper) is actually a fruit that is unripe. These peppers change colors as they ripen, going from yellow to orange and to red. They are sold in all these stages of ripening, causing us to refer to them as green, yellow, and red peppers as if they are different peppers.As the bell pepper ripens, like many other fruits, its sugars start to develop. This is when some of the starches in the pepper are converted to simple sugars. Now, a bell pepper does not have as many sugars as, for instance, an apple, but it does have some. The riper the pepper, the sweeter it becomes. So, a yellow pepper is a bit sweeter than a green pepper, and a red pepper is sweeter than a yellow pepper.

Why is pizza green?

because of the toppings they might be vegetables like capsicum or green bell pepper

What is the difference betweenh a red bell pepper and a green bell pepper?

"Chef j" told me it's the amount of time it spends on the vine. The colored peppers are harvested later than the green ones.

How many cups in one large green pepper?

The amount of cups in one large green pepper will vary from pepper to pepper. Not every green pepper is the same size. One cup is equal to 8 ounces of green pepper.

How many calories in half green bell pepper?

For a medium size pepper, half of it would have 12 calories.

Are red pepper and a red bell pepper are the same?

The term "bell pepper" implies that it's not spicy, but yes, unless you're talking about a SPECIFIC kind of pepper (i.e. Habanero, Jalepeno) they are the same. Take care. Red pepper is also the name used to describe the hot pepper flakes used in Italian cooking. That's very different from red pepper meaning a bell pepper.

How many seeds does a bell pepper have?

from 60 - 100 I just counted a small (2 inch by 3 inch) green bell pepper for biology. It had 251 seeds.

How many cups in a pepper?

? ? ? Are you asking how much diced/chopped pepper you will get in one bell pepper ? If so, it depends on the size of the pepper. The average good sized bell pepper, will give you about a cup to a cup and a half of chopped pepper.

Green pepper plant?

Most peppers are green. As they ripen many will turn red. Bell Boy is a very popular green pepper. It also turns red when fully ripe.

How much dried black pepper can be used as a substitute for one fresh green bell pepper?

Dried black pepper and fresh green bell peppers are way different from each other. You can't substitute one for the other and still make the recipe work.

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