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Yes, BBMC is recognized by WHO and after getting Degree from BBMC and after passing Australian Medical Evaluation Examination one can practice in Australia. But the candidate has to work hard and must have an excellent academic record.

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I wonder whether this college is approved by the Ministry of Education China mainly because;

1. It doesn't have core staff on campus to run the program in English.

2. No any single Medical professional (MBBS qualification) available on campus to regulate the program within the Medical education standards and maintain the teaching quality & student evaluation polices at required level.

3. Program is conducting without a proper Course curriculum internationally accepted.

4. Only 30 medical universities in China are given approval to run English medium programs and BMC is not included to that.

5. Program administration continually ad-hoc basis. Semester study topics may changed according to the lecturers available.

6. Everything decided by the director international admissions( Proff Iqubal) himself without proper polices formulated.

only Following universities are allowed my ministery to run a English program. for foreign students.

S.N. Institute Intake in 2007-2008

1. China Medical University 80

2. Chongqing Medical University 100

3. Capital Medical University 100

4. Dalian Medical University 100

5. Guangxi Medical University 55

6. Harbin Medical University 50

7. Huazhong University of S & T 100

8. Jilin University 100

9. Nanjing Medical University 100

10. Qingdao University 60

11. Southeast University 120

12. Suzhou University 80

13. Shandong University 60

14. Southern Medical University 100

15. Sichuan University 100

16. Tianjin Medical University 120

17. Wenzhou Medical College 80

18. Wuhan University 100

19. Xi'an Jiaotong University 120

20. Xinjiang Medical University 100

21. Zhejiang University 60

22. Zhengzhou University 100

23. Zhongnan University 30

24. Zhongshan University 80

25. Fudan University 0

26. Hebei Medical University 0

27. Peking University 0

28. Shanghai Jiaotong University 0

29. Tsinghua University School of Medicine 0

30. Tongji University 0

Hence almost 55 students have left the college. The ones staying have intention towards migration.


well when the foreign students first came here their papers were not even accepted by the education department as the college never invited the students to come here personally.

As it was very difficult to send about 117 students back at that time . so the program of Foreign students started Unofficially even at present the college has no Official Foreign students.

The college departement and the director of admissions Iqbal Pervaiz did some under dealing , they were not concernet about the students future but the money . Hence all this came into being. But there is not going to be any Future bach of foreign students.

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Q: Is bengbu medical college recognized by ministry of education china to run a foreign student program in English?
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