Is big show aundrea the giant son?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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no way

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Q: Is big show aundrea the giant son?
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Is the big show son of the giant?


Is the big show Andrea the giant son?

No he isn't

Is big show Andre the giant's son?

yes No he is not they are not related

Andre the giant have a son?

supossdly he does and thik he lives in seattle.

When big show debuted what was his name?

The Giant Big Show debut was in WCW in 1995. The storyline was that he was the son of Andre the Giant and was blaming Hulk Hogan for the death of his father. According to my notes this was at a pay per view called "Bash at the Beach".

Was Andre the giant big shows dad?

No, that was just a story line when wcw brought him in, in 1994.

Is Andre the giant the big show's uncle in real life?

No, Big Show was billed to be Andre's son which means it was not real (kayfabe). The reason why they start saying he was Andre's son was because Big Show is the next wrestler similar to Andre they both had a growth disease which is a disease where your body won't stop growing and you need surgery to fix it. Big Show had the surgery in the early 90s but I don't think Andre got it.AnswerNo... it was made up as a publicity stunt to get the audiences attention

Who is Andrea gaint son in wrestling?

big show was his real son Big show was not releated to Andre in any way! Good Lord!!

Who is big show's son?

He doesn't have one

Who is the big shows father?

The Big Show was born on 8 February 1972 in Aiken, South Carolina. The identity of his real life father has never been revealed, but rumors that he is the son of Andre the Giant are false.

What is the Big Show's real height?

6'11.5" In WCW, the Big Show was originally called "The Giant" and billed 7'4", similarly to Andre the Giant, who was mainly billed the same. The idea was for the character to be Andre's son, and finish his feud with Hulk Hogan. When the Giant left WCW and went the WWF in 1999, he was billed 7'2" and remained this bill for many years. Eventually around 2006, they began to bill him 7' even. It is very unusual For WWE to bill such a tall man at what is actually less than his actual height in boots. It is widely accepted that over the years Big Show is no longer his peak height, which in WCW was believed to be over 7'. Currently, with comparisons to other athletes such as the Great Khali and Shaquille O'Neal who are all but confirmed 7'1", the Big Show is clearly not quite 7' even, but extremely close.the big show is 7ft tall

How old are the big shows kids?

yes he is the big show and saw his son a school