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Is big show going to tna?

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No he is still in WWE

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Is WWE big show going to tna?

NO WAY! TNA is several steps below the wwe in the first place. Second of all the Big Show is a tag team champ right now with the Miz as his partner.

Was big show ever in tna wrestling?

no way never

What big names are going to sign to TNA?

Jeff Hardy is already on. Duuh

Is WWE's Christian going to TNA?

no Christian is not going to TNA

Which wrestlers going to tna-?

It is believed that Bobby Lashley is going to TNA.

Where is jeffhardy going to WWE or tna?


Did Kurt Angle live after he was chokeslammed by the Big Show?

unfortunatley he is alive and well wrestling in TNA after being chokeslammed by Big Show and known as Paul White

Is Hulk Hogan going to TNA?

Yes, Hulk Hogan is going to TNA.

Is it true that hulk hogan is going to tna?

yes it is true he is going to tna

Will tna be as big as WWE?

of course TNA rocks

Is ric flair going to tna?

there are rumors going around about Ric Flair wooooooo going to TNA

Who is going to tna wrestling ric flair or Jeff hardy?

There both going to TNA. Most of the WWE superstars went to TNA.

Ric flair going to in tna?

Ric Flair is not going too TNA. HE'S RETIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is the next superstar going to tna?

Don't know better question is who from TNA will be going to WWE

Is Shawn Michaels going to TNA?

No, Shawn Michaels is not going to TNA. He retired at WrestleMania 26.

Who will go to TNA wrestling?

john cena is going to tna

What happen to bobby lashley in tna?

why do you keep going tna?

Is there going to be a TNA Impact 2?

If you mean tna impact 2 game then yes but there isn't going to be another tna impact 2 programme.

Is team 3d going come back WWE?

no they are on tna. no they are on tna.

Is Jeff hardy going to Tna?

Yes he came to tna on 2010

When is Jeff hardy going to return to tna in 2010?

he is in tna now

Who are the people that are going to tna?

hulk hogan is coming to tna on 2010

Is jbl going to tna?


Is mickie going to tna?


Is TNA going out of business?