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It would be best not to make any assumptions either way. From a safety point of view, certainly you should assume that old black powder is still an explosive, and treat it accordingly. On the other hand, I wouldn't rely on very old black powder actually being useable as a propellant.

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Q: Is black powder still flamable after 200 years?
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How long can black powder be safely stored?

So long as it is in a cool dry place you can store for years. Unopened cans are less susceptible to moisture and store better, but I have powder that is more than 5 years old that I still use. It is kept in a humidity controlled 72 degree room and within a powder magazine. I also have powder that is 10+ years that is sealed, but still quite viable judging by the pound used last year.

What did Chinese use for explosives years ago?

China discovered Gunpowder (aka Black powder).

How long will black powder stay good?

Stored under dry, moderate temperatures, more than 100 years.

What Black powder pistol made in japan?

There have been many over the years most were "store brands" during the 70's black powder shooting surge with the exception of Ultra-Hi and Miroku they were sold in the US under there respective names.

How many years was the black death around for?

the black death is still around in certain parts of the world

Did the model 1897 Winchester pump action shotgun made in 1898 fire a black powder shell?

Yes. the model 1893 was made for black powder. Model 1897's were made for smokeless and replaced the 1893. Both black powder and smokeless were used for many years, side by side. People got smart and started only buying smokeless shells, easy to clean.

Is Jack Black Dead as of February 2 2012?

No! He is still alive and he is 42 years old.

Will a grenade explode if you shoot it?

Answer Yes. Many grenades and old ordnance contain black powder charge. Black powder is very explosive and can be detonated by heat or concussion. Remember those snap caps that you throw against the ground. Some civil war shells have been pulled out of water where they have been buried for 100 years and the powder is still explosive.

You have an old shotgun that has Damascus barrels made in Saxon Belgium Can I reload shells using black powder also can Pyrodex or Triple Seven or other black powder substitutes be used?

You will have to be the judge on safe condition to fire, but I have been shooting a Belmont Damascus barred gun for years with black powder loads and also with the substitutes. I have not loaded more than 60 grains and use it for skeet and target plinking. So long as the barrels and lock are in good shape it should be fine.

Is the 1972 horse from black beauty still alive?

No, as it would be at least 42-43 years old.

Who makes 8ga rifles?

Gauge indicates a shotgun, not a rifle. The 8 gauge has been out of production for many years, and was a black powder shotshell. The 8 g. is not legal for hunting in the US.

Do you need a license to buy a black powder handgun?

No because it is part of historical and collectibles any gun over or exactly 100 years old you don`t need a licence.