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A blue jay is a herbivore

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Is a blue jay a herbivore?

a blue jay is a herbivore but one blue jay ate a bird

What type of consumer is the blue jay?

The blue jay is an herbivore.

Is a Blue Jav a herbivore or carnivore?

A blue jay is a herbivore cause it only eats poop!!!

Is a blue jay a carnivore?

A blue jay is not a carnivore. A blue jay isn't a herbivore. Blue jays eat plants, worms, seeds, and eggs, so that would make it an omnivore.

Is a blue jay a herbivore or a carnivore or omnivore?

Omnivore. They eat other bird's eggs, worms, and seeds.

Are birds a carnivore herbivore omnivore or detritivore?

it depends, cuz some birds may be herbivore and others may be omnivores, like a tanager is a carnivore but a blue jay is a herbivore and an eagle is a detritivore....so it depends.

Are blue jays herbivores?

They are actually omnivores. The blue jay mainly feeds on nuts and seeds such as acorns, soft fruits, arthropods, and occasionally small vertebrates.

Why is a blue jay blue?

no one really knows :)a blue jay is blue because it wants to be!

What does a blue jay drink?

A blue jay drinks water.

Is a blue jay a bird?

yes a blue jay is a bird

Are there any other colors of jay bird?

The Canada jay is gray and white, the blue jay is blue and gray and white, the Stellar's jay is similar to the blue jay but has a blackish head, scrub jays are blue and gray.

Is the blue jay a state bird?

The blue jay is not a state bird.

Is a blue Jay bird an omnivore?

Yes, a blue jay is an omnivore.

What is the length of the blue jay?

the length of a blue jay is 10.inches

Is a blue whale an herbivore?

No, a Blue Whale is a carnivore.

What is a female blue jay called?

A female blue jay is called a hen

What is a young blue jay called?

A young blue jay is called a chick.

How did the Blue Jay get its name?

They got their name because they are blue and they yell out jay!

How do you spell Blue Jay?

That is the correct spelling of "blue jay" (sometimes capitalized).

What does it mean when you see a blue jay in your yard?

It means that a blue jay has visited you.

Which state do the blue jay represent?

The blue jay is not a state bird at all.

Is a Blue jay a mammal?

=A blue jay is a bird so it is not a mammal.=

Is a blue jay a vertebrae?

A Blue Jay is a bird, has a spine, so is a vertebrate.

What color is a Blue Jay?

they are BLUE that's why there called Blue Jay

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