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Is brave a trait?

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Bold, fearless, brave.

brave. she was brave because she was lost no food and a 100 mile away

artistic, athletic, and brave, hardworking

a character trait for Anne Marie is that she is brave, strong, and loyal.


strong, brave, sense of danger.

Strong and brave despite anything that happens.

Brave, nice/kind, and most of all caring.

one of harry s. Truman's character trait is brave he is brave because he ordered the atomic bomb to be drooped

He was brave to go exploring new lands

Lemon brown is Courageous, brave, respectful, courteous, careful, and kind.

Pious, religious, brave, audacious, skillful tactician.

brave,determined.intelligent,symathetic,kind and concerned.

discipline is by far the best character trait...the brave person may be brave but are their actions consistent with what you need to accomplish? The disciplined person may not be brave but he or she will have the self control to confront issues which need to be dealt with even if they are afraid...

integrity, compassion, gentil, kind, loving, brave, logical, empathetic

Brave because she risked her life helping slaves to become free.

He is brave and he cares deeply about his freiends Courageous, smart, thoughtful. -askthepro

blonde tall son of jupiter hansom brave strong and smart

Positive trait(s): Brave, humble, loyal, strong moral compass, honorable, athletic, competitive, has integrity, accepts death, a leader, powerful Negative trait(s): He has a temper and is occasionally arrogant; he has a bit of a "saving-people thing." Other trait(s): Nervous about asking out girls

No, athletic is not a character trait because character traits are personalities, and athletic isn't a personality. Personalities are like: Brave, funny, kind, and ect, so no, athletic is not a character trait, it's more like a physical skill. Hope I helped! :)

Billy's main Character Trait was loyalty. he was loyal to his dogs sharing a strong bond with them, his parents, always folwinging their wishes and his grandfather, helping him live his hunting dreams also. Also he is determined,loving, and brave.

The trait that covers the other trait is the dominant trait. The trait that is "covered up" is the recessive trait.