Is bread cheese a Snickers bar fruits walnuts and vegetables too much for a dinner?

This depends entirely on the amounts of these foods. Well gee, except for the Snickers bar that sounds reasonably healthy. You really don't want to eat fewer than 1500 calories a day. It really depends on how much and what kinds of bread, cheese, fruits and veggies. But a natural, hard cheese, whole grain bread, fresh fruit and raw or lightly cooked fresh veggies with walnuts will give you a lot of vitamins, minerals, fiber, healthy fats and carbs and a good deal of complete protein. If you are concerned about excess calories I would omit the candy bar and replace it with sorbet, quality dark chocolate, homemade (not mix) cookies/brownies or one of those dessert-type yogurts. Add some non-filtered fruit juice, skim milk or water and you have a really tasty meal there. You could even make all those things (minus dessert) into a salad. Lots of veggies (not just lettuce) add some fruit and the walnuts, make a dressing and add some croutons (they are super easy to make, or have a whole grain roll on the side) and grate the cheese on. Mmmmmm. But, back to not eating "too much" dinner. If you eat 1500 calories in a day, a Snickers (273 calories) will be 18.20% of the food you eat. That's a lot. That means you are really eating only a little over 1200 calories of real food. If you eat 2000 calories (a weight maintaining amount) that candy bar will be 13.65% of your daily intake. If you eat 1500 calories in a day you will eat about 500 a meal (3 meals) or 450 a meal (3 meals) plus a 150 cal snack. That candy will be over half a meal. A better way to decide how much is enough is to look at the foods you eat and see if they provide all the nutrients you need. That will steer you towards nutrient-rich rather than calorie-dense foods. Carrots vs potato chips and carrots will win. :)