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Q: Is brilliant green bile agar selective or differential?
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Is a tsa agar selective or differential?

its a selective media

Minimal salt agar that contains detergent as a carbon source is selective or differential?

Minimal salts agar is selective and differential. It grows gram positive bacteria and turns different color depending on what the specimen is.

Is Mannitol salt agar a selective or a differential medium?


Why can mannitol salt agar and EMB agar be described as both selective and differential media?

it is selective because only a salt tolerant can grow. 7.5 nacl it has diffrential properties also. if mannitol formentors turns yellow staphlococus aureus; but if it has no change then its a nonpathogenic staphlococci (s. edermis)

What is blood agar tellurite medium?

It is a SELECTIVE DIFFERENTIAL media used for the groth of Corynebacterium diphtheria.

Which gram positive bacteria grows on macconkey and EMB?

Gram + bacteria do NOT grow on EMB agar, EMB agar inhibits their growth, and is selective for Gram -

Compare simple media with differential media?

Differential media or selective media is an agar that has certain nutrient to grow certain microbes. Simple media is an agar that has simple sugars that many normal microbes thrive in.

Is a blood agar selective or differential?

Blood agar is a bacterial growth medium which contains 5% sheep's blood. It is considered to be differential but not selective, because it is an enriched medium that provides a rich nutrient environment for many types of bacteria, while a selective medium supports the growth of certain types of bacteria but inhibits other types. Blood agar is considered differential because it is used to distinguish pathogenic bacteria based on the effect of bacterial enzymes known as hemolysins which lyse red blood cells. Blood agar is mainly used clinically to detect the presence of Streptococcus pyogenes, the human pathogen which causes "strep throat". Blood agar can be made selective by the addition of other ingredients.

Is Salmonella-Shigella Agar selective or differential?

Blood agar is a differential media since you can differentiate between different organisms based on the colony appearance. In a blood agar you are looking for hemolysis.

Is phenylethyl alcohol agar differentia or selective?


What reaction does the enzyme involved in Mannitol-salt agar test mediate?

Mannitol salt agar is selective for gram positive bacteria, and differential for mannitol fermenters. Phenol red is the indicator containing the enzyme mannitol.

Is TSA selective or differential media?

Selective media favor the growth of particular microorganisms. Bile salt or dye like basic fuschin and crystal violet favor the growth of gram-negative bacteria by inhibiting the growth of gram positive bacteria. Maconkey agar is widely used to grow E.coli and related bacteria. Differential media are media that distinguish among different groups of microbes and even permit tentative identification of microorganisms based on their biological characterstics. Blood agar is used to culture of bacteria from human throat. Mckoney agar is both differential and selective media.