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Whether or not caffeine is against the Word of Wisdom is a personal definition. By the letter of the law, no. Caffeine is not mentioned at all in the Word of Wisdom. The Word of Wisdom as found in Doctrine and Covenants section 89 probhibits "strong drink" (later defined by prophets as alcohol) and "hot drink" (later defined by prophets as coffee and tea). More recently, church leaders have advised avoiding the use of 'harmful and addictive substances', where caffeine may be included. They have specifically stated that we should avoid energy drinks because of their extreme caffeine levels, but have not specifically told us to avoid the lower levels found in sodas or chocolate.

That being said, we should be following the 'spirit of the law' and not the 'letter of the law'. Jesus Christ said that he who must be commanded and compelled in all things is slothful and not a wise servant. (Doctrine and Covenants 58:26)

Check out the "Related Link" below to see a recent Ensign article about the dangers of energy drinks.

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It is not that they do not like coffee. The Word of Wisdom instructs them not to drink coffee, tea -- anything with caffeine in it, alcohol, or use tobacco. (The Word of Wisdom is the Mormon health code. You can learn more about it at the "Related Links" below.)

Sophia is the greek word for wisdom

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) follow a health code called the 'Word of Wisdom'. This code mentions nothing of caffiene, but modern church leaders have advised against using harmful and addictive substances. Whether or not caffeine is a harmful or addictive substance is up to the discretion of the church member. Some Mormons drink caffeine and some don't.

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The Word of Wisdom (which is a code of health which worthy Mormons live by) prohibits the usage of "strong drinks" and "hot drinks". This has been identified as coffee, black/green tea, alcohol, and drinks with high amounts of caffeine. Church members are not forbidden from drinking coffee, but most choose not to because they believe that the Word of Wisdom was given to them by God. You can read the Word of Wisdom (and learn more about it) at the "Related Links" below.

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I don't know if saying they 'don't believe in caffeine' is the right way to put it... Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) follow a health code called The Word of Wisdom. The Word of Wisdom says that we should avoid all "strong drinks" and "hot drinks". Church leaders over the years have defined these as anything alcoholic, coffee, tea, or 'containing harmful or addictive substances'. Caffeine has never been specifically mentioned, so it is a personal choice whether a Church member decides to drink caffeinated sodas or not. Some choose not to, but many Mormons drink caffeinated sodas on a regular basis. You can learn more about the Word of Wisdom at the "Related Links" below.

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Why would it be considered against the word of Wisdom? Marijuana is not addictive. Marijuana is not harmful to your body in any way. It is publicly perceived as being bad for you because it is illegal but if you actually research the studies that have been done on Marijuana you will find out that it is actually a medicine out there helping many people. If it weren't for the amount of money it would take from different industries it would be legal and helping out many more people. Also the Word of Wisdom is not a commandment. Read up on D&C 89 and search it out for yourself through study and prayer.

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