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Calcium Carbonate is a compound and an element. However, it is not a mixture. If it is a compound or a element, then it can not be a mixture

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What does sodium carbonate solution plus Calcium chloride solution equal?

It equals calcim carbonate and it must be very reactive I thInk .

What gases are in the suns atmosphere?

Hydroyen,helium,Iron,carbon moxide,water,sodim and calcim

How do you get espone in Pokemon LeafGreen?

give eevee lots of pills(iron calcim etc.) and let him have friendship.

How many protonsnuetronsand electrons does a calcim have?

There are 20 protons, neutrons and electrons in calcium. It has 20 as atomic number.

Why is it important to eat?

its important to eat food that have the nutriance that your body needs like the diary producs for calcim, meats for iron, and some fatty foods but not to many, If we dont eat we get skinny wich would lead to annorexia.

How can you increase your height to improve your soccer game?

This usually depends of genetics. Chances are if your parents or grand parents aren't tall, you probably have a lesser chance of being tall too. But it's not the end! Eat plenty of foods that calcium. This includes cheese, milk, yogurt, and many dairy products. Also, make sure you get Vitamin D too, because it absorbs Calcim, which goes into your bones and helps them grow. The sun also gives Vitamin D, so be sure to spend at least 15 minutes in the sun everyday. A good posture will also help you grow. Always sit up straight. If you were high heels then try to do this less. Don't sleep on your stomach. Sleep on your side with your knees slightly bent. Always keep your neck straight. keep your feet elevated for good circulation. Also, stretching is also good for height. Yoga is particularly good. Do at least 20 minutes of yoga 5 times a week and you'll see the difference. Swimmin will also give you long, lean muscles muscles. If your skinnier and fit you look taller. So lose the love handles. Also, wearing the color black will make you appear taller. That's the best I can come up with! This isn't true. If you sleep on your stomach you won't be shorter.If you do yoga that won't make you taller. The genetics and vitamin part is the only part that is reasonable. My parents are 5'4 and 5'7. I'm only 13 and already 5'9. So don't worry about it much.

Is sodium carbonate solution an element a compound or a mixture?

A sodium carbonate solution, or any solution for that matter, is a mixture.

Is marble chips a compound element or mixture?

Calcium carbonate is the dominating compound in marble chips.

Is marble a element compound or mixture?

It is almost a compound - calcium carbonate - but with little amounts of other substances which makes it, technically, a mixture.

Is chalk an element compound heterogeneous or homogeneous mixture?

Chalk is a chemical compound: calcium carbonate, CaCO3.

Is calcium carbonate a compound or a mixture?

Calcium carbonate, CaCO3, is a compound.

Why sodium carbonate is an compound and not a element?

Sodium carbonate is a compound and not an element because it is not on the periodic table.

Is potassium carbonate a compound mixture or an element?

Potassium carbonate is a compound, because it contains its three constituent chemical elements in constant proportions and held to one another by chemical, that is covalent or ionic, bonds.

Is Zinc an compound or mixture?

it is an element so it is not a compound or mixture. it is an element so it is not a compound or mixture.

What do you get when you mix an element with a compound?

You get a mixture of an element and a compound.

Is nylon element compound or mixture?

Is nylon an element compound or mixture

Is glass a element compound or a mixture?

is slate a compound mixture or element

Is malachite a element compound or mixture?

Malachite is a chemical compound. It is a carbonate, crystal mineral made from the chemical combination of copper and carbon.

Is electricity a compound element or mixture?

electricity is not a compound, mixture or element.

Is gasoline a compound a mixture or an element?

Is gasoline a element a mixture or a compound

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