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Is candy man alive?

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It is unlikely due to the fact that he is made of candy.

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Is John Candy alive?


Why did he produce the candy?

The candy man can.

What will candy man do to you?

Candy man is NOT TRUE. So don't be freaked out.

How old do you have to be to be a candy straiper?


What does the science word intensity mean?

the candy man can oh the candy man can

What is the candy man song really about?

It depends on which "candy man" song you're thinking of. "Candy Man" by Siouxsie And The Banshees is about a child molester luring children into his arms. The term candy man usually refers to paedophiles

Is actress Candy Moore stll alive or dead?

11/2/09Candy Moore is alive and well and living in Scottsdale, Arizona.

When was Man Alive - Man Alive album - created?

Man Alive - Man Alive album - was created on 2008-02-26.

What are the Songs with candy in them?

Candy Man, Candy Girl (Jackson 5), I want candy (aaron carter)

Who invented Candy man?

reid w. he invented it in 2009 when he was in 3rd grade he was watching tv and he went in the bathroom saying candy man and candy man pop up

What did the candy man say to the candy lady?

im cool

Who sang the original candy man?

The earliest chart hit of "Candy Man" was by Roy Orbison in 1961

What candy bar is outrageously nutty?

well,the only candy bar alive would be a pay day.

Is John C Wharton the inventor of cotton candy still alive?

no he died of cotton candy overdose

Who was the smartiest man alive?

you are the smartest man alivejust joking,

What is the legend of Candy Man?

Candy Man is just a myth like Bloody Mary I've tried it once

What are the ratings and certificates for The Candy Man - 1969?

The Candy Man - 1969 is rated/received certificates of: USA:G

What is the name of the man with no hand in of mice and man?


Candy- large good looking man?

big hunk

Who created candy man?

no not candy woman it wuz candy mommy r some wack spirits

Why is johnny depp the sexiest man alive?

he was voted to be the sexiest man alive

Who is the actress who played 'Candy' in The Best Man?

Regina Hall

What is the story of candy man?

is a man who convince people to believe what he do.

Crystals such as rock candy grow larger as they are forming are these crystals alive?

No, crystals are chemical compounds that are not considered to be alive.

Is Usain the fastest man alive?

YES usian bolt is the fastest man alive

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