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Canada has abolished capital punishment for all crimes.


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Capital punishment is legal and practiced in many states.

Capital punishment is legal in Japan. The only crimes for which capital punishment is statutory are homicide and treason.

The infliction of capital punishment or, earlier, of any legal punishment.

Canada abolished capital punishment in 1976; the last execution was performed on December 11, 1962. Hanging was the only method they used.

Capital punishment is being put to death by the state or country after a legal trial.

Is legal, if it meets the test of not being "cruel and unusual punishment".

yes but in some areas only.

Although capital punishment has not been used in Jamaica for quite some time, it has not been abolished and it remains a legal punishment under Jamaican Law.

Capital punishment or Death Penalty is a punishment which is awarded through a legal procedure as a punishment for a crime. There are different methods used for carrying out Capital Punishment. They include beheading, electric chair, gas chamber, hanging, lethal injection and Firing squad.

Both genders do in fact receive capital punishment equally. This is of course only the case if they are of legal age.

this depends on the country. USA still has capital punishment in some states, none in Canada or in Europe, the Middle east and most of Asia are still using capital punishment for many not so "major" crimes.

Death penalty or Capital Punishment. It is a legal procedure in which the state puts a person to death as a punishment for his crime.

In my view, no (although I've never been a victim of a capital crime); capital punishment is about revenge, and revenge never bring peace.Another view.Many people believe capital punishment is the ultimate legal sanction and many people find comfort and closure through it. Capital punishment has nothing to do with revenge.

Capital punishment remains an issue because some countries still use capital punishment.

Capital punishment has ended in most civilized countries. Previously eye witness and fingerprint evaluation provided the basis for most capital punishment. After DNA evidence became available, it showed that many people facing death were actually innocent. For years the government had been executing innocent people. As a result, a number of places ended capital punishment.

Austria doesn't have capital punishment.

in the USA capital punishment is DEATH

no revenge is not justification for capital punishment

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1998, along with Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania and the United Kingdom

Capital punishment is a belief and an actuality. It is not a universal belief or a universal actuality; the belief in capital punishment is only held by some people and capital punishment is practiced only in some places.

Capital punishment dates back to ancient times

No. Capital Punishment is not tolerated or practised in Fiji.

Capital punishment in Australia ended in 1967.

Capital Punishment Organization ended in 1994.

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