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Is chlorine acid or alkali?

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Chlorine itself is neither an acid nor a base but it does react to some degrees with water to form hypochlorous acid and hydrochloric acid.

Cl2 + H2O --> HCl + HClO

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Is chlorine an alkali?

No, It is a halogen. It's oxide is acidic. It forms an acid(HCl) with hydrogen.

What is the function of alkali in bleach?

Bleaches mostly contain chlorine which on reaction with water form hydrochloric acid, alkali is used to neutralized the solution.

Is an alkali an acid?

No an alkali is the opposite of an acid. Alkali = basic; acid = acidic.

Is hairspray an acid or alkali?

acid and a alkali

How do you neutralize a acid or alkali?

to neutralize an acid, add an alkali. to neutralize an alkali, add an acid.

Why is chlorine and sodium dangerous?

Sodium is dangerous because it is an Alkali metal which is HIGHLY reactive with water. Chlorine is dangerous because it forms a strong acid with water.

What reacts with HCL?

HCl is Hydrochloric acid, it is formed with the combination of Hydrogen and Chlorine gases. It will react with nearly all alkali/bases as it is a strong acid.

What does acid and an alkali together do?


Acid plus alkali?

acid +alkali - salt + water

Is corrosive an acid or alkali?

Both acid and alkali can be corrosive

Is iron an acid or alkali?

iron is not an acid or an alkali, as it is not an oxideiron oxide however is an alkali

What are acids and alkali are used for?

alkali is used to reduce acid and acid is used to reduce alkali

Does acid produce a gas with an alkali?

No gas is produced in the reaction of an acid and an alkali. In a neutralisation reaction, acid + alkali -> salt + water

Equation acid and alkali - acid plus alkali equals?

Acid plus alkali equals salt plus water.

Is chlorine in the family alkali metal?

No; chlorine is a nonmetal and a halogen.

Is water an acid or an alkali?

Water is neither acid or alkali it is neutral

What does Acid plus alkali produce?

Acid+Alkali = Salt + Water

Is bleach a acid or alkali?

Acid, because must grime is alkali

Is zirconium an acid or alkali?

Zirconium is a solid metal, not an acid or alkali.

Is iodine a acid or alkali?

Iodine is a Alkali, not a acid. Hope that helps! :)

Are nettles an acid or an alkali?

it is an alkali

Is bleach an alkali or a acid?

it is an alkali

Is bleach an acid or alkali?


Is hair an acid or alkali?


Is fertilizer an acid or an alkali?


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