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yes its made by cocoa beans which are sorta chocolate

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What is chocolate really made from?

chocolate is made from cocoa beans.

What is chocolate genoise?

It is usually made of just chocolate and heavy whipping cream, and really good!

What is the difference between white chocolate and brown chocolate?

Brown chocolate is made from cocoa. White chocolate really isn't chocolate at all because it is made from sugar, but since there are no regulations in place to say what has to go into chocolate for it to have the name it is still called chocolate.

When was chocolate made?

chocolate was made when chocolate was made

Who made chocolate mousse i am doing an research about chocolate mousse and i really want to know more about were did it come from and who was the first person to make it?

The French made the chocolate mousse and all the other types of mousses.

Is chocolate made of chocolate?

No its made of sugar milk, chocolate flavoring,and chocolate

What is a chocolate orange really made of?

Depending on the flavor of chocolate orange you buy, it can contain a variety of ingredients, but the two main ingredients are chocolate (of course) and orange oil.

From which country di chocolate originate?

Well, Mexicans made hot chocolate, but Spain really invented chocloate as we know it today.

What chocolate is not really chocolate at all?

chocolate hills

Do the m and m guys really exist?

yes, people made of chocolate with a candy coating really do exist

You are someone who really likes chocolate who am i?

You are a chocoholic if you really like chocolate.

What is dark chocolate made out of?

Basically dark chocolate is very healthier than regular milk chocolate; and I really don't know what it is really made of. But I also have to inform you that it makes you smarter. If you want to know more then please search it on Google. Or any others sites that you trust and normally search at.

What was the first chocolate made?

The first chocolate made was hot chocolate.

What is the difference between milk chocolate dark chocolate and white chocolate?

Dark chocolate is made up of around 65% cocoa solids whereas milk chocolate is around 35%. White "chocolate" isn't even really chocolate because it contains no cocoa solids.

What happend to mike teevee in the chocolate factory?

he was made really tiny when he came out of the tv

When was chocolate first made and who made it?

the Aztecs made chocolate from a cacao tree bean

Is hershey's chocolate made of wax?

No, they are made out of chocolate.

Is chocolate made from meat?

No, chocolate is not made from meat.

How rocks and chocolate chip like?

they made out of liqud chocolate chip is made of chocolate and a rock is made of lava

Is chocolate made from Dough?

no. Chocolate is made from a cocoa bean

Is chocolate milk really made from brown cows?

no, course not. chocolate milk is origionally regular milk with melted, grinded cocoa beans added and mixed into it.

Is Nutella really chocolate?

Yes it is Chocolate and hazelnut

What kind of chocolate was made in America's first chocolate mill?

I really dnt even kno the answer to this question so if u really want to know the answer go to!!!!! tookie!! haha luv this gurl to peices

How are chocolate chip morsels made?

Chocolate Morsels are small chocolate pieces made from sugar, chocolate, coca and lots more.Chocolate Morsels are small chocolate pieces made from sugar, chocolate, coca and lots more.

How much chocolate is made in Mexico?

I don't technically really know but all i know is there is definitely a whole lot made in Mexico.

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