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Q: Is coffee bad for fatty liver?
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Why do we have fatty liver?

to move around and takes all the good/bad stuff in or out

What means fatty infiltration of liver and what is it's treatment and what is the difference between fatty infiltration of liver and fatty liver?

the liver shows increased echogenicity compatible with fatty ifiltration.

What is fatty infiltration of the liver?

Fatty infiltration of the liver is an overabundant accumulation of triglycerides in the liver. This can occur in the entire liver or in a specific part of the liver.

Your alt blood test is 70 is that really bad?

An alt blood test is a test of your liver enzymes. An alt of 70 shows mild to moderate fatty liver, and is not bad.

How can you disquise a fatty liver?

It's not possible to disguise the existence of a fatty liver.

What does coffee do to your liver?

Coffee is a diuretic...specifically the caffeine is. This causes your kidneys to use more water with the result being more urination. Coffee is not bad for your liver though, in terms of any type of damage.

Which poisoning has yellow fatty liver?

Phosphorus poisoning causes yellow fatty liver.

What is fatty liver disease and can it spread to other parts of the body?

Fatty liver disease is an accumulation of triglyceride fat in the liver cells. Fatty liver disease is a reversible condition, and does not spread to other parts of the body.

Is liver steatosis the same as fatty liver?


How does fatty liver impact your health?

You get fat liver.

How does fatty liver disease impact your health?

You get fat liver.

Diffusely increased in echotexture of the liver?

Diffusely increased echotexture in the liver is typical of a fatty liver. When a liver is fatty it takes on a spongy appearance. This can be caused by either alcoholic or non alcoholic reasons.