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Green tea, or even black tea, is considerably safer during pregnancy than coffee. The main reason for this is that tea is much lower in caffeine than coffee; coffee typically contains contains 2-4 times as much caffeine per cup as green tea. While small amounts of caffeine are perfectly safe during pregnancy, there is some evidence that heavy caffeine use may increase the risk of miscarriage or other problems.

Drinking several cups of green tea a day is perfectly safe, but drinking the same amount of coffee is probably not a good idea. A single cup of coffee though is probably just fine. Don't worry too much! Green tea tends to be milder overall on the body than coffee, not just because of the caffeine, but because coffee can be harsher on your digestive system and is more acidic.

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Is it safer to have intercourse during pregnancy?

I do not know if it is "safer" but it is all good to have intercourse during pregnancy. In fact a womans libido usually increases during pregnancy (which I am sure your husband will find to be a nice change!) . Also, orgasms release a hormone that can actually help headaches and fatigue so go for it!

Is Blue cheese harmful in pregnancy?

It can be if it is contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. It's just safer to avoid it during pregnancy.

Will condoms harm during pregnancy?

Whether you use condoms during pregnancy or not, you won't become more or less pregnant than you are. If you are going to have sex during pregnancy, then it is safer with a condom, since that helps reduce disease.

Are green coffee cigarettes safe?

I use them and I believe they are safer than tobacco. I feel fine and my cravings have ended.

Is it safe to drink decaf tea during pregnancy?

Yes, decaffeinated teas and even decaf coffee are safe to drink.Caffeinated teas are even safe to drink during pregnancy, in moderation. The amount of caffeine in a typical cup of tea is much less than that in a typical cup of coffee. The current stance of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is that up to 200mg of caffeine daily is totally safe during pregnancy. This is enough for 1-2 cups of coffee or 3-5 cups of tea, depending on how strong it is.Even higher amounts are going to be much safer than, say, smoking or alcohol consumption. Moderate tea and coffee drinking is not worth worrying about, although tea is probably a safer bet as it is much lower in caffeine.Yes u can. U can actually drink 3-4 cups of normal tea but i wud suggest decaf cups 3-4 are gud.

Is green detergent safer than convetional detergent?

is green detergents safer for the environment instead of conventional detergents?

Is it safe to terminate the 1 month pregnancy?

Yes....The earlier in the pregnancy the safer it is in generally

Can you terminate a pregnancy by falling down the stairs?

If you are considering aborting a pregnancy then just get an abortion. it is safer for you.

Is long airtravel during first trisemester safe?

It should be but ask your Dr if you are uncertain. Early pregnancy is considered safer for flight than later pregnancy and most airlines require a note from your Dr after 26 weeks.

Why is a pregnant woman immunized against tetanus?

because a womans immun system is weaker during pregnancy, therefore they are at higher risk of infection and/or disease... its safer to get vaccinated

Are herbal laxative teas safe during pregnancy?

Purgatives, the type of laxatives (herbal or otherwise) that cause the muscles of the bowel to greater action, are not safe during pregnancy because they may stimulate the uterus as well. When it comes to regularity during pregnancy, you are far safer sticking to your healthy foods that include soluble and insoluble fibre and drinking plenty of water. Also moderate exercise is good too, but consult your physician on how much is safe for you and your pregnancy.

Can pregnancy occur with out any symptom?

Yes this is always possible so it is safer to take a pregnancy test or go to your local doctor.

Is hydrochlorothiazide ok during pregnancy?

No. This medication crosses the placenta and enters breast milk, which means your baby will be taking this medication also. There are exceptions to this though, for example if you have pre eclampsia but an alternate medication would be safer. I recommend that you talk to your doctor for further help and a safer medication.

What to eat to abort-pregnancy?

There is no food that will make you surely and safely and legally abort. It would be much safer to go to a clinic and have a trained professional do it.

Is it safe to take gentamycin during pregnancy?

Gentamycin is an FDA Class C drug, which makes it unsafe during pregnancy. There are 5 classes, namely A, B, C, D and X. Class X drugs are absolutely contraindicated during pregnancy while Classes A and B are safe. Administration of Gentamycin during gestation must be justified by it's benefits that overweigh it's toxic affects. This is rarely the case nowadays with the worldwide ample availability of safer and more potent drugs.

Are you safer inside or outside during an earthquake?

It depends where you are in both situations, but generally you are safer outside in a open area.

Which methods will the doc use for a 4 months pregnancy?

I guess the question is what does it matter? it will be a surgery. they will put you out. It will terminate the pregnancy. It is always safer to have an abortion earlier but the sooner the better.

Neck problem can you use a massager if im pregnant?

This question is too broad to answer definitively, but, in general, massage to the neck is considered safe during pregnancy. Massage is often recommended for muscle pain during pregnancy as a safer alternative to medications. Relevant factors might include what kind of neck problem, what kind of massager, and whether there are any complications to the pregnancy. The safest answer to the question would be, always ask your midwife or MD if you have any questions about safety.

Can chlamydia treatment affect your baby?

There are safe, effective treatments for chlamydia during pregnancy. It is much safer to take treatment than it is to stay infected. Both recommended treatments for chlamydia during pregnancy, azithromycin and amoxicillin, are medications that are regularly and safely used in newborns. Untreated chlamydia during pregnancy can cause premature rupture of membranes or preterm labor. A baby born to a woman who has chlamydia at the time of delivery may have pneumonia, infection of the reproductive tract, or conjunctivitis. Women treated for chlamydia during pregnancy should be retested three weeks after treatment, as well as three months after treatment. Women under 26 or with a new partner during pregnancy should also be tested in the third trimester to make sure they haven't been reinfected before delivery.

Can you put coffee grounds down the drain?

Yes, you can, but personally, as a plumber, I don't recommend it. The garbage is easier and safer in the long run.

Can pregnancy of a dog can be confirmed by taking an xray?

It can but x-rays can be harmful to unborn animals, a scan is a much safer option.

When do you not have to worry about miscarrying?

Well you can miscarry through out the pregnancy but the most common is the first trimester so once you are out of that one you are safer.

Can you stop pregnancy in the first stage?

yes, infact it is safer to end it in the earlier stages. usually they will give you a pill to terminate pregnancy but the farther along you become the more dangerous the procedure becomes.

What could happen to you and the baby if you dye your hair during pregnancy?

There have been no studies to prove that hair dye is harmful to an unborn baby. However if you have reservations about using regular dye you could use a vegetable based dye which is "said" to be safer.

What are the causes of cramping in early pregnancy?

If you are cramping early in your pregnancy it is best to go see a doctor immediately. It could be a sign of miscarriage. Although it could be something as simple as gas it is safer not to take chances.

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