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he comes from western Australia

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Q: Is colby from survivor Australian
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What was the Australian guys name on Survivor?

You are probably referring to Colby Donaldson who appeared in season 2, Survivor: The Australian Outback.

Was Colby on the first survivor?

No, he was on the second survivor: Survivor Outback

When was Australian Survivor created?

Australian Survivor was created in 2001.

Who gets voted out after Rupert in Survivor?

Colby... dang russel!

What year was Survivor Australian outback?

Survivor: The Australian Outback premiered in 2001.

When did Australian Survivor end?

Australian Survivor ended on 2002-05-15.

Can Australian's be survivor contestants?

Australia has their own version of Survivor with many Australian contestants.

How many episodes of Survivor The Australian Outback were there?

Survivor: The Australian Outback had 15 episodes and was 42 days long.

What are the ratings and certificates for Australian Survivor - 2002?

Australian Survivor - 2002 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG Australia:M (one episode)

What year was the Survivor Australian Outback on television?

Survivor: The Australian Outback aired from January 28, 2001 until May 3, 2001.

Who won the second series of survivor?

Survivor: The Australian Outback, was won by Tina Wesson.

Does Colby Donaldson from survivor have a girlfriend?

Nope. He had two serious relationships in his life but is single and very much a player.