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Australia has their own version of Survivor with many Australian contestants.

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Q: Can Australian's be survivor contestants
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What do survivor contestants do on their period?

Survivor contestants are provided with feminine hygiene products.

Are survivor contestants recruited?

Some Survivor contestants have been recruited. For example Parvati Shallow. However, most contestants have to send in application and video.

Do survivor contestants have toilets?

No. It was said that the contestants dig holes.

What do survivor contestants eat?

Survivor contestants are usually seen eating rice and coconuts. Occasionally they will win reward challenges and get to indulge in other foods.

Who are the survivors on the survivor?

The survivors on survivor are the contestants/castaways. They are the members of the tribes that are competing for a million dollars.

How many castaways were on Survivor Nicaragua?

Season 21, Survivor Nicaragua, had 20 contestants competing to be crowned the sole survivor of the season.

When did the contestants do yoga in Survivor Heroes vs Villains?

Contestants did yoga when they had downtime and were not competing in reward or immunity challenges.

Are the voted out survivor contestants fed on redemption island?

Rice. And anything they catch.

Survivor you need to buy some survivor flags from the tv series?

If you are referring to the 'buffs' that Survivor contestants wear on the show, you can refer to the website where they are available for purchase.

Which survivor contestants have died?

Jennifer Lyons is the Survivor who passed away after a 5 year battle with breast cancer. She was on Survivor: Palau. Season 10. A beautiful girl.

How many people have been on Survivor with a handicap?

Survivor contestants that have played with a handicap include:Christy Smith was hearing impaired.Kelly Bruno was an amputee.

How much do contestants receive for survivor reunion show?

The Survivor reunion show is built into the contestants contracts from the beginning of the season. The only reason a contestant wouldn't show up for this would be due to pregnancy, illness, or a death in the family. All contestants receive $10,000 for appearing at the live show.