Is compassion learned or innate?

I belive that compassion is adopted from the adults in a child's life. You don't learn it like you would math, but it's not something that your born with.If we were all born with it we wouldn't have mean people. Men wouldn't ever hit women people wouldn't kill people.The world would be great and peacefull.


Certainly the environment that you grow up in has something to do with it, but I've seen more compassion that have had a tough life at a very young age. It's perhaps because of that tough environment they managed to see compassion because wise people learn from their own experiences (doesn't matter how young they are) and have a choice at lashing out to others, or learning how they felt when they weren't treated so well and feel far more compassionate for others. Some children are very compassionate and I often will call them "old souls" meaning they are wise beyond their years.