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Concordia College and University in Wilmington, Delaware (concordia-college .net) is not a fraud. The school was established in 1999 and is nationally accredited in the United States since 2007. Concordia uses the portfolio credit system to award undergraduate and graduate degrees in the same way as other nationally accredited universities do e.g. Thomas Edison State College, University of Phoenix and Western Governors University. Its founder is Dr. Alex James who in the nineteen eighties was also involved in Ambassador College of the Worldwide Church of God.

But much like Phoenix U and Thomas Edison, Concordia C&U suffered from a relative success of fake copycat websites operated mainly from war-torn Liberia, Africa, and from the Dominican Republic. FBI Assistant Director Merrett recently stated: ''We are seeing the number of copycat sites increasing exponentially and targeting nearly all industrial sectors, including higher education''.

In general : if a school has a long history of operating legally in and from the United States, it is not a fraud. If you hit a copycat website clamining to be the 'University of Phoenix' with an IP routing or a mailing address in Nigeria, you can be pretty sure that the website is a copycat.

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Yes, check the links on the website. Concordia College & University in Delaware is a state licensed school and nationally accredited by a legitimate Unesco registered accrediting agency.

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The Council for Higher Education Accreditation which oversees all recognized accrediting organizations.  They do not recognize Unesco agency nor Concordia College and University of Delaware.  I wouldn't trust this "school" if I were you! 
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Look online about diploma mills and you will see Concordia College and University listed. Wikipedia-National Academy of Higher Education page talks about this school.   

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Q: Is concordia college and university a fraud?
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