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Yes. Confectioner's sugar and powdered sugar are the same thing.

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Q: Is confection sugar powdered sugar
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What is white confection?

powdered sugar

How Much Does Confectioner's Sugar Cost?

Confection sugar is just like powdered sugar. However much powdered sugar costs should be about the amount confection sugar cost.

How many cups of confection sugar make a pound?

In 1 lb. of powdered sugar there are 3 3/4 cups.

Can confection sugar replace regular sugar when baking?

No, because confections sugar is powderded sugar. Here, let's put it this way, can you substitute powdered sugar for regular sugar? No, you can't. You're welcome.

What is the the meaning of conserve?

To keep in a safe or sound state; to save; to preserve; to protect., To prepare with sugar, etc., for the purpose of preservation, as fruits, etc.; to make a conserve of., Anything which is conserved; especially, a sweetmeat prepared with sugar; a confection., A medicinal confection made of freshly gathered vegetable substances mixed with finely powdered refined sugar. See Confection., A conservatory.

How can you separate powdered sugar?

you can't separate powdered sugar you can't separate powdered sugar

Can you use granulated sugar to replace powdered sugar when cooking?

Powdered sugar is a combination of sugar and cornstarch. Granulated sugar and powdered sugar is not interchangeable

Can sugar beets be turned into powdered sugar?

Sugar beets can be turned into powdered sugar

How many cups of powdered sugar is in a box of powdered sugar?

There is 16oz or 4 cups in a box of powdered sugar.

How do you say powdered sugar in German?

powdered sugar = Puderzucker

How many cups of powdered sugar are there in a box of powdered sugar?

there are 4 cups (16 oz) in a box of Powdered Sugar.

Can you use powdered sugar instead of regular sugar?

Powdered sugar and regular sugar are actually the same thing. you can obtain powdered sugar by just grinding regular sugar. So yes, you can use powdered sugar instead of regular sugar!

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