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It is an Irish word.

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Q: Is conriocht from the Irish or Scottish word?
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What is the pronunciation of the Gaelic word for 'seven'?

In Irish: seacht In Scottish Gaelic: seachd

What is the Gaelic word for tools?

FYI Gaelic can be Irish or Scottish; two separate languages.The Irish word is uirlisí (tools);the Scottish Gaelic word is innealan.

What is the Irish word blooter?

It's not Irish; it's Scottish slang.

What is the Gaelic for 'bird'?

Irish Gaelic: éin Scottish Gaelic: ?

Is lassie an Irish slang word?

It's more of a Scottish slang word but the Irish do use it sometimes.

What is the Gaelic word for swords?

Scottish Gaelic is claidheamh; Irish (Gaelic) is claíomh.

What is the Gaelic word for 'an' in English?

The Irish and Scottish Gaelic languages have no word for 'a/an'.

What is the Gaelic word for rescuer?

The Irish word istarrthálaí or sábhálaí.The Scottish is: ?

What is the word for lion in Gaelic?

In Irish: leon In Scottish Gaelic: leòmhann

What is Gaelic word for new?

Irish: nua (in Ulster Irish úr) Scottish: ùr

Is gaol an Irish word?

In Irish 'gaol' means 'relationship, kinship'. In Scottish Gaelic:?

What is the Gaelic for 'cat'?

The Irish (Gaelic) and Scottish Gaelic word for 'cat' is 'cat'.Note that there are Irish and Scottish varieties of Gaelic; they are consideredseparate languages. This is one word that is identical in both.