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No, corn had not been discovered and brought back to Europe yet.

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What is the color of cornbread?

Cornbread is made from cornmeal and cornmeal has a yellowish tint to it so when cornbread is made it is yellow

How do you spell cornbread?

cornbread. c-o-r-n-b-r-e-a-d. cornbread

Did slaves eat cornbread?

Yes. They dipped the cornbread in juice.

How many calories are in cornbread?

There are about 94 calories in 1oz of cornbread.

When was Cornbread Red born?

Cornbread Red was born in 1931.

When did Cornbread Red die?

Cornbread Red died in 2004.

What does it mean when boys say do you like cornbread?

I'm assuming it means "Do you like cornbread?" Which by the way, yes I delight in cornbread!

Where can you buy cornbread?

You can buy cornbread mix at the store. Buy the Jiffy Mix kind.

When was Cornbread Harris born?

Cornbread Harris was born on 1927-04-23.

Do people eat cornbread in Alabama?

Yes, cornbread is eaten throughout the United States. Alabama is a Southern state, and cornbread is particularly popular in the South.

Did Abraham Lincoln invent cornbread?

No, Abraham Lincoln did not invent cornbread. Cornbread was a staple food throughout the Americas centuries before Lincoln's birth.

What is the difference between cornbread and cornbread dressing?

Cornbread dressing, for stuffing into a chicken or turkey for example, will tend to have other ingredients in it besides the cornbread recipe. As dressing, it will probably have onions, celery, giblets and/or additional spices and herbs added to it.

Is cornbread a grain?

No it is not. Cornbread is a type of bread that is made from cornmeal which is made from corn that is a grain. No it is not. Cornbread is a type of bread that is made from cornmeal which is made from corn that is a grain.

What shape is cornbread?

Generally square, but if you make cornbread muffins then of course muffin shaped.

Is cornbread pork?

No cornbread is a type of ground corn and other ingredients. It is bread, not meat.

Is cornbread an appetizer?

Cornbread can be used as an appetizer, as part of an appetizer, or as part of a main dish.

What actors and actresses appeared in Cornbread Samarai - 2008?

The cast of Cornbread Samarai - 2008 includes: Bryan Mahoney as Gunman Brent Triplett as Cornbread Samarai

Can you cook cornbread dressing in a roaster oven?

ou cook cornbread dressing in a roaster oven

When is cornbread birthday on the reawakening?

Alex Sanders Also Known As Cornbread Birthday is On June 1st.!!

Did the native Americans of the southwest eat cornbread?

Yes, the native americans of the southwest did eat cornbread.

When was Cornbread - album - created?

Cornbread - album - was created on 1965-09-18.

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