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Is coughing a sign of worms in puppies?

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no but if they are coughing, you should bring them to your local vet and get a medicine for coughing just in case they have a cold

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What are the symptoms for jungle worms?


Can adults dogs get worms from puppies?

It is very rare for adult dog to get worms from puppies,but it's possible.

How do you know if your dog have warms?

go to your vet Worms may be clearly visible in the dog's feces. A swollen or distended belly is also a sign of worms, especially in puppies.

Do adult dogs catch worms from puppies?

It is very rare for a adult dog to get worms from puppies,but it's possible.

Does puppies get worms from mother?

Yes. in fact, every contact with another dog with parasites gets the puppies the worms.

How are puppies infected with hook worms?

Puppies are born with worms so you must have them dewormed they can also get it from eating each others droppings

What are the symptoms of heart worms?

coughing. Some symptoms of heartworms include coughing, lack of appetite and weight loss.

What kind of worms do puppies get?

little ones!

Is coughing normal after a wasp sting?

No. coughing after a wasp sting is a sign of anaphylaxis

What is a sentence for coughing?

he was coughing from an hour. coughing can result in TB.

Should you be concerned if your goats are coughing extensively?

If they are regularly coughing and the feed is not dusty then I would take their temperatures as they may have a respiratory infection and need antibiotics or they might have lung worms and need drenching for worms.

Does a puppy get worms from being held to much?

No, puppies can get worms from their mother. Worms are a parasite that is usually passed from fecal matter.

Are all puppies born with worms?

yes they are I think you take them in about 3 to 4 weeks of age for the first deworming call vet to make sure.Puppies are never born with worms. But if their mother has worms they acquire the worms from her within a few days after birth.

What is the time it takes to cure worms in puppies?

78 78

Do puppies get worms from being held too much?

Of course not!

Is deworming your puppy necessary?

Yes all puppies are with worms.

Is soft food bad for puppies?

Yes they can get tape worms

Can the puppies get worms if you hold them to much?

Puppies can not get worms from being held too much. Worm infestation can be contracted from eating undercooked meats, or licking grass where an infected animal has defecated.

What are long three inch worms in puppies stool?

they could be round worms....your puppy would need to be dewormed

Can you get worms from puppies?

No, It is impossible to get worms from a puppy. But A puppy can be born with worm inside of them due to the mother's health status.

What are jungle worms?

Jungle worms are a bug or worm that is in your gut that is in there making sites for more bugs/worms. And in a few hours you will feel cold, coughing a lot.Jungle worms is a fictional disease from the iCarly show.

Is coughing up blood a sign of a closed wound?


What does it mean when you keep coughing up mucus?

Coughing up mucus is normal when having a cold. Coughing up mucus is a sign that the cold is clearing up.

Is it normal for German shepherd puppies to have worms?

Yes. They will need to be wormed.

How do you treat worms in a puppy?

you treat worms in puppies by getting them vacenated at the vets . And every month worm them also at the vets