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Craving alcohol is one of the symptoms of alcoholism, but simply craving alcohol does not make a person an alcoholic.

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Q: Is craving a system of alcoholism?
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Is craving a symptom of alcoholism?

Depends... Are you craving vodka, rum, bourbon, or beer? Then yes it's alcoholism.However, just an occasional craving is not alcoholism.

What causes alcoholism?

There is great debate concerning what causes alcoholism. There is even debate about how to define alcoholism and whether or not it is a disease.A craving for much alcohol each and every day may be a symptom, but is not necessarily so.

When an individual develops a strong craving for alcohol because it produces pleasurable feelings or relieves stress it is called?

MABYE, NOT SURE COULD be alcoholism

What is a control sugar craving?

A control for sugar craving is used to describe a system or steps undertaken to prevent a sugar craving. These steps can include distraction, using other food substitutions such as fruits, or even motivation.

Can gambling addiction be linked to others?

Gambling has been known to be linked to other addictions because of the "craving" you get when you are gambling. Having that urgency can lead to alcoholism or drug addiction, if not treated right away.

What beverage was Ponyboy craving?

He was craving Pepsi

What is the exact meaning of alcoholism?

A diseased condition of the system, brought about by the continued use of alcoholic liquors.

Is alcoholism really such a bad thing?

Yes, alcoholism is really a bad thing because it destroys your immune system. also it affect relationship with your family members & with your good friends. So, If you want to be happy then avoid alcoholism. & tell people, friends around you to stop it.

How do you spell alcoholism?

That is the correct spelling of "alcoholic" (containing alcohol, or an addicted drinker).

What cures Alcoholism?

No herb cures alcoholism.

5 What is one of the most common causes of damage to the nervous system?

Alcoholism because it damages the brain and the brain is the head of the nervous system.

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