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No. Cytotec can be used for abortion but not to prevent pregnancy.

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Is it effective to take 2 tablets of cytotec and coca cola to avoid getting pregnant?

Neither Cytotec or Coke prevent pregnancy so no.

Can you get pregnant after taking cytotec a week later?

You can take the morning after pill up to 72 hours later and after that there is nothing else to do. If you are pregnant Cytotec in the right dose might work for abortion but it will not prevent pregnancy.

Is cytotec pfizer 200mcg benefical in pregnancy?

I would not call Cytotec beneficial in pregnancy since in the right dose it's used for abortion.

I took cytotec to abort pregnancy I did not bleed and I decided to continue the pregnancy what effects could this have on me and the baby?

actauLLy i encoutered that case before..shes my friend,she took 10 cytotec but nothings decided to continued her pregnancy and now she gave birth and everythings normal.

How do you use Cytotec pill?

Cytotec should be used only under close supervision of a health care provider, and should not be used alone to terminate a pregnancy.

What is cytotec?

It's a medication for men who have ulcers but they discovered it also works for abortion.Cytotec is a ripening agent of the cervice to dilate it .If used in early pregnancy then baby can be aborted.

How long does it take for cytotec to abort a pregnancy?

It usually takes 5-6 hours.

What are the other medicine to stop pregnancy?

Either the combo of Mifepristone +Misoprostol or you can use Cytotec.

Can be cytotec can abort a 5weeks pregnancy?

Yes, Cytotec which contains Misoprostol can also be used in a medical abortion but unlike Mifepristone it s not FDA approved and not as efficient as the abortion pill.

Can marijuana prevent pregnancy?

no it can't prevent pregnancy

Can you use cytotec to abort 14weeks pregnancy?

No, past 9 weeks must be a surgical abortion.

Can bv prevent pregnancy?

BV won't prevent pregnancy.

Does female ejaculation prevent pregnancy?

No, orgasm does not prevent pregnancy.

What is the effect of cytotec in 5 weeks pregnancy?

Taken the right dose, whether it's orally or vaginally, it will cause termination of pregnancy by inducing cramps.

If you took a cytotec and bleed for two days does it mean no pregnancy at all?

wait 6 months and you will know

What are the pills that can abort three weeks pregnancy?

Up to the 9th week you can take Mifepristone+Misoprostol or Cytotec.

Will cytotec tablets be effective after 4 months of pregnancy?

You can only have a medical abortion up to 9 weeks.

Is it safe if you take cytotec you are 5 months pregnant?

No. It is dangerous to take this tablet when 5 months pregnancy is there.

Does the bipolar drug lithium prevent pregnancy?

Lithium does NOT prevent pregnancy.

Is softdrinks can prevent pregnancy if taken after sex?

No, softdrinks can not prevent pregnancy

Should one month old fetus be affected after taking 5 pills of cytotec?

Cytotec causes birth defects. If you plan to continue to the pregnancy, you must consult with your health care provider immediately.

Why is that starch prevent pregnancy?

Starch as in pasta, potatoes etc? That does not prevent pregnancy.

Can hot water prevent pregnancy?

NO ! ONLY contraception or abstinence can prevent pregnancy !

Are latex condoms best to prevent pregnancy?

Well latex condoms are good to prevent pregnancy for the most part but as opposed to latex or polyurethane condoms or animal skin condoms are all good but I recommend spermicidal lubricated condoms.

What is the name of unwantedd pregnancy tablates?

Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Cytotec also works. You get them all in the right dose from your doctor.