Is dill a person who is foolish?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Yes. Yes it is.

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Q: Is dill a person who is foolish?
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What does follis mean?

A foolish person or foolish action.

Is it true person have foolish age or why person show foolish behavior in life?

Because sometime they look young but there old and they want to foolish other people.

What is a Nincanpoop?

A foolish person.

What did the portuguese think of the dodo intelligence?

foolish (just like how the English word comes from the Portuguese doudo, which means "a foolish person")

What does jebend mean?

It's a foolish person.

Is a rebel or a dishonest person or a foolish person close to dissident?


What does the word gowk mean in scottish?

A foolish person

Definition of asinine?

Asinine is a foolish or stupid person

What is an addlehead?

An addlehead is a foolish or dull-witted person.

What does the name Annah mean?

A rude foolish person.

A feeble minded foolish or insane person?


What is a person that is not a wizard?

A more intelligent person who does not waste his time on such foolish practices.