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Is disabled American veterans a scam?

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I'm a "life member" of DAV and it is a total disaster. I was originally told by the DAV "Service Officer" in Spokane that I had to pay for a life membership in order for him to assist me in my disability claim with the VA. I paid over $200. to get this life membership, returned to the DAV Service Officer, who then informed me that he could not assist me because I had an attorney. I did NOT have an attorney and told him this, however :"his system" said that I did. I requested a refund from the DAV on this scam and was denied my refund. This was in 2007. I contacted the DAV again in November 2012 to see information on possible grants to change my heating system over from gas to electric due to my Agent Orange. I sent an email for assistance with no response. I placed a call to their headquarters, reached their auto voice mail and requested another refund of my membership. I was then contacted by email from Robert Lougee, the Service Officer in Seattle who told me to call him for help with "my claim". I called his number today, was told that he was the supervisor by 2 female associates and was not available to me. I explained that I was looking for information and I was then informed that I was NOT in the DAV system. I gave them my "Life Time Membership Number" and they again said I was not in their system. What a scam. DON'T listen to this organization who will take your money and DO NOTHING to support you. What a joke.

2012-12-07 03:18:18
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Is the American Veterans Aid Services a scam?

the American Veterans Aid Services a scam

How many groups of veterans are there?

3, the veterans of foreign wars, the American legion, and the disabled American veterans

What are opinions on the American Veterans Aid group a scam or not?

The American Veterans Aid Group is believed to be a scam, according to the opinions of many people. The organization is not sanctioned by any veterans organizations.

How many disabled veterans are there in the U.S. today?

With more than 1.4 million members, Disabled American Veterans is an organization of disabled veterans who are focused on building better lives for disabled veterans and their families. Visit their website:

Organizations for veterans?

American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA), Korean War Veterans, Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

Which of the groups help the veterans?

Disabled American VeteransVeterans of Foreign Wars of the United StatesVietnam Veterans of AmericaAmerican LegionMilitary Order of the Purple Heart

What support services are available for disabled American veterans?

On the Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) website, they offer a GPS Home Program, which is a Grant to provide stability for disabled veterans. They also hold Veteran Employment Webinars.

What is salary of chairmen and executive directors of the Disabled American Veterans?

I believe it is 0.

With Harley Davidson being big supporters of Disabled American Veterans should Harley Davidson offer motorcycles at a substantional discount to members of Disabled American Veterans?

With all the veterans that own and operate a HD, I believe they (HD) should offer a substancial discount to those vetrerans that that have been disabled due to military service.

Do Disabled American Veterans qualify for child daycare?

I think disabled American veterans should avoid attending a child's daycare. The curriculum would be a little too slow to hold their interest. They may, however, find the food to their liking.

How much to join Disabled American Veterans?

$40.00 along with proof of a disability rating and honorabe service

How many 100 disabled veterans are there in U.S. today?

There are 257,100 (100% disabled veterans as of 12/31/07) according to the U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs.

What can people do to help the veterans in the veterans' hospitals?

People can make money contributions to organizations helping hospitalized veterans, such as the DAV (Disabled American Veterans), volunteering their own time assisting in Veteran's Hospitals, such as transporting veterans to and from hospitals, working in the hospital library, etc.

What are veterans eligible for?

The answer is complicated as it depends on many things, when & where the veteran served, service connected disabilities, current income (for needs based benefits), etc. The best resource to answer this is the VA or by contacting a veterans service organization such as The American Legion, Disabled American Veterans (DAV), or Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) , among others.

Why do we wear poppys?

Recognition of the Disabled Veterans in our Country

Do disabled veterans pay auto sales taxes?


What is American Veterans Committee's motto?

The motto of American Veterans Committee is 'Citizens First, Veterans Second'.

What is the email address for Disabled American Veterans National? *Click on this link and you'll be able to contact them through feedback this should help you from there

What is the history of the American Legion?

The "American Legion" was created by WWI veterans in about 1919. The "Veterans of Foreign Wars" (VFW) was created by Spanish-American Veterans of 1898, and is our oldest Veterans group. The "American Veterans" (AMVETS) was created by WWII veterans. Originally, these veteran groups were open to only their own veterans, but as time went by they opened to all "qualified" veterans.

Is there info on Vietnam veterans?

VFW-Veterans of Foreign Wars, founded by Spanish-American War of 1898 veterans in 1899. American Legion-founded by WWI veterans in 1919. AMVETS-American Veterans, founded by WWII veterans in 1944. VVA-Vietnam Veterans of America, founded by Vietnam War veterans in 1978.

What veteran organizations accept donated used cars?

The VFW Foundation. The Air Force Aid Society, Operation Homefront, and the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust are a few veterans organizations that will accept donated used cars.

How many disabled veterans are there in South Dakota?

As of November 2010, there were 11,937 veterans in South Dakota who were receiving monthly disability compensation.

Do disabled veterans in New Jersey pay taxes if they win the lottery?


Is the American Veterans Aid group a scam?

American Veterans Aid has an VA accredited Claims Agent on staff who handles the entire application process for the claimant and is the claimant's Advocate before the VA Claims Board. He has a direct line to the VA to oversee the speedy approval of the claimant's request for financial aid.

Why were the Christian Salvesen houses built in Edinburgh?

world war 2 disabled veterans