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Vaginal DischargeA thin, milky, mild-smelling discharge is normal throughout pregnancy. The medical term for this is leukorrhea. It is very similar to the discharge that many women have prior to their menstrual periods. Since it increases until you reach full-term and may become rather heavy, some women are more comfortable wearing panty liners. Do not use tampons, which could introduce unwanted bacterium into the vagina.

Aside from being bad for your hygienic standards (and probably your partner's particularly during oral sex), this kind of discharge shouldn't be of any concern. Keep yourself clean, fresh, and dry as this will help you feel better about it.

Do not douche, as douching upsets the normal balance of microorganisms and the pH levels in the vagina which can lead to bacterial vaginosis (BV). BV is a serious vaginal infection. Douching can also lead to preterm birth. It could force air into the vagina, which can be dangerous during pregnancy.

If your vaginal discharge differs from leukorrhea, you should record it with your doctor. Be sure to note any strange odors, colors, thickness, heaviness, and any other concurrent symptoms you may be experiencing.

You also have a mucous plug. The mucous plug is the "cork" of mucus that seals the opening of the uterus and can become dislodged, though generally it dislodges near the end of the pregnancy up to two weeks before actual delivery. The mucous plug is a gelatinous chuck of mucus that is passed through the vagina. You will also want to inform your doctor if and when you have passed your mucous plug.

Generally, yes. I am on my third pregnancy, and was always told by my doctor that this was fine. However, if for some reason you belive this to be your "plug" then you should call your doctor. Better safe than sorry, I always say, so I would give him a call. I'm sure chances are, you're fine, especially if you're not bleeding, or cramping. Good luck! I have some too (ew isn't it yucky?) and I read online that it is normal, it is actually the formation of the plug that is causing this!

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Q: Is discharge in early pregnancy normal?
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