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Is discover credit card accepted at stores as often as Visa?

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Discover credit cards are not accepted as often as Visa in stores. Visa's are usually issued through a bank, even a local bank or credit union. Where as Discover is issued by Discover Bank and its affiliates.

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Many used book stores will take them, often giving you store credit. :) Many thrift stores will take them too.

HSBC is one of the major credit card companies. They often handle the credit cards of department stores as well. HSBC offers a wide variety of cards. Stores such a Sears, Best Buy, and Northern Tool use credit services through HSBC.

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A Good Year Credit Card is good for those who often shop at Good Year. This is due to the fact that it is convenient because it is accepted at over 4000 locations across the U.S.

Listing every single place that American Express cards are accepted in India is impossible since that number changes often. However, there is a better chance of having the cards accepted in tourist areas and large cities. There is less of a chance of them being accepted in rural areas or small towns.

No, it could be considered fraud. In most cases the credit card company will close the account as soon as they discover the death. They often check the SSN register against recent deaths. It isn't a good idea.

An all access Visa credit cards is a prepaid credit card. They are available for purchase at many retailers including Walmart, and Co-op stores. They are often found at the check out stands.

Continually, as credit activity occurs.

The credit report holder can check his or her report as often as they choose. When you check your credit report it is considered a "soft inquiry" and will not affect your status.

Shop Discover is simply Discover cards rewards program. Discover is not used as often as Mastercard and Visa so no Shop Discover is not more popular than Ebay.

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Often, a mortgage rate depends on the person's credit. If the credit rating is good, then they usually get a lower interest rate. But if their credit is not good or if they have not yet established a credit history, then they often pay a higher rate.

There are many places to get a 0% interest balance transfer on a credit card. Certain major credit cards from companies such as Visa, Mastercard, and Discover often provide these balance transfer offers. Going through a bank that offers a card such as Visa or Mastercard is one way of obtaining one of these cards. There are also credit card applications that can be found online.

The "Aqua Credit Card" is a credit card that helps repair bad credit. It is often used for people who obtain a poor credit score.

Even if you have bad credit, you can still often find an easy credit card to qualify for. Depending on whether you have a poor credit history, or just no credit.

There is plenty of information available on unsecured credit cards, some companies that offer this service are: "Capital One", "Cardhub", "Horizon Card", "Matrix Discover card", "Imagine Gold Master Card", to mention a few. These card providers often charge customers with bad credit a small deposit before issuing a card.

as often as your creditors report changes-can be daily

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They often discover that things don't add up! As it is a draft budget, they have time to correct any mistakes.

Let me give you some unsolicited advice. If you have bad credit, chances are that you are not so good at handling credit yet. Perhaps the best thing to do is to try to live within your financial means, until your credit heals. By then, you should be ready to get back into credit, responsibly. This would also help you financially since you wouldn't have to absorb the very high interest rates that would often accompany high risk credit.

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I have seen them most often at convenience stores and at dollar stores.

Often, the three Cs of credit were applied to a credit applicant: character, capacity, and capital.

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