Is dish better than directv?


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I personally think no. I have had dish then switched to DTV. Overall there is better signal, customer service, and more channels


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directv will always be on cutting edge

directv, better programming, local ,regular, premium,sports,hd and international and better price

It depends. . . If you like anime you will probably be better of on directv. I think directv is cheaper? If weather is bad in your area choose comacst.

dish network, because it gives u hd for free and more channels, also good services

Many people prefer Directv over Dish. However, it will really depend on your preferences as both companies offer different things.

Dish Network performed better when I was in an area that had no cable compared to DirecTV.

heck no directv is sssooo bad dish is beter by farrr.

It is your choice. You can either go with $19.99 a month with Directv, or go with $39.99 a month with a free DVR. I would go with Directv.

DISH NETWORK and DIRECTV are very similar in prices and their channels. DIRECTV is priced slightly higher than DISH NETWORK ,but has a few programming options like NFL Sunday Ticket, that you can't get with DISH NETWORK and vice versa. Neither is superior than the other.

No, DISH Network does not own DirecTv.

The most comprehensive information on the DirecTV satellite dish would be found on the DirecTV website. Other places to find information on DirecTV would be sites like AVS Forum and Ham Universe.

DirecTV wants the satellite dish there so of any new tents come they have the dish,but you cab call Directv to cone and remove out for your of you no longer have DirecTV. But if you have never been a customer DirecTV won't remove it you will have to pay so some one can remove for you.

I believe after doing some research that channel 206 from Directv is ESPN. If so, you can find ESPN on channel 140 with DISH Network.

Most definitely! DirecTV has many more options such as syncing your reciever to your computer and using that or a mobile device to schedule DVR Viewings.

DIRECTV is a satellite company and cable TV is not. DIRECTV has more channels and clear reception. Also, DIRECTV is a good company and satellite is much better than cable TV.

To compare which one is better between Comsat and DIRECTV it is important to consider factors like price and the signal strength. The DIRECTV has a better signal strength than the Comsat and can therefore be said to be better.

Hi! I happened to run across your question just wanted to provide some clarification & confirm a DirecTV satellite dish will not work with our DISH Network programming, the alignment of the dish is different because our DISH Network programming is shown using different satellite orbital's than DirecTV's. I hope this answers your question or helps! -Kirstie DISH Network Kirstie, We're only talking about the dish and associated hardware and not the receiver. The DirectTV satellite dish will work with the Dish receiver when the dish is properly oriented to the satellite that Dish Network is transmitting from. Skirmit

It depends on what Dish satellite and programming you had and what DirecTV programming you want to receive. Each Dish satellite LNB (attached to the dish) picks up different orbital locations as does Directv and these can vary according to your programming package and where you live.

Take a look at the current specials of DirecTV and Dish Network. Compare prices, packages, additional fees etc. It is also important to find out what your monthly cost will be AFTER the promotional period ends. Currently, Dish Network satellite has some really good deals and state of the art technology--including award winning dual HD receivers.

It varies in what kind of TV cable you have i dont know about dish network but i have direcTV. DirecTV It is channel 339

Direct TV is NOT better than Dish Network. In fact, Dish has waaay more HD, and features. Oh and is waaay cheaper at the same time.

One being better would be a matter of opinion. Look into each provider's website and at their pay plans, including the fine print, to see which is best for you.

Bandamax is not on DirecTV. Bandamax is on channel 867 on Dish Network and channel 3146 on AT&T U-Verse TV.

It depends on whether you have: directv, dish network, ect

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