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No, an alkali is a type of metal.

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Distilled water is neutral.

Properly distilled water contains nothing but water. That is why it tastes bland since there are no minerals in it. Very pure water has impurities at the level of parts per billion or lower; no alkali.

Distilled Water is neutral - neither acidic nor alkaline as it has a pH value of 7

Distilled water is used because it has a pH of 7 (Acid = Alkali) Where as non distilled water can a have a pH of between 5 and 9.

Nitric acid is not a very strong acid. Adding distilled water will cause it to be more diluted. Its acidity does not change. However, to neutralize it, you do not need more alkali as compared to before adding the distilled water.

Automobile batteries contain a mixture of 65% distilled water and 35% Sulfric Acid.

distilled water is used (as opposed to tap water) as it does not contain ions or impurities that may affect the results of the titration, usually by reacting with the acid/alkali themselves or by changing the pH of the solution.As water is pH 7, it is neutral and will not change the pH.

This liquid is acidic. It is most commonly a mixture of 65% Distilled Water and 35% Sulfuric Acid.

No, distilled water is simply water.

distilled water don't have any minerals or the distilled water is demineralized water.potable water is fit to drink.demineralized water is worthless for a living organism.thats why distilled water is not potable.

No, distilled water is a compound.

Distilled water is not a base.

Only if it was distilled water to begin with. Simply freezing and defrosting water does NOT create distilled water.

Distilled water is simply purified water.

No. Distilled water is pure water.

Distilled water is highly soluble in water.

Distilled water can contain dissolved gases, such as carbon dioxide. Therefore, distilled water is not pure water.

Improve Alkali Metal + Water ------> Alkali Hydroxide + Hydrogen Alkali Metal Oxide + Water ------> Alkali Hydroxide + Water

You should not drink distilled water as it lacks minerals which are beneficial for us.Make a solution of the salt in distilled water.

Distilled water is a homogeneous liquid.

Distilled water is pure and it is not hyperosmotic.

Distilled water is a compound.

is distilled water a pure subtance

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