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Although it is a good idea to shred personal documents that contain sensitive information, it is not the only way to protect your personal information. One effective way to protect your personal information is to go paperless. Get your bills and statements online so there is no paper to shred.

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Q: Is document shredding the only way to protect you personal information?
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What are some common methods people use to protect their personal data?

Some common ways that people can protect their personal data include shredding or burning any old documents that contain personal details, and password protecting any information they have on their computer or other storage devices.

What is the goal of HIPAA?

protect personal information,protect their rights

How can you stop people from buying things in your name on the internet?

Only give your credit card information to secure websites. Shredding important documents with your personal information on them after you no longer need them can also protect you from identity theft on the internet which could lead to them buying things as yourself.

Can a document shredding service be trusted with my business' financial paperwork?

Most document shredding services protect consumer privacy. If you want to make sure absolutely noone sees the paperwork, the best bet is to shred them yourself. As long as you do your research into the company you are planning on giving your business to you should find that they are a reputable company that is just as committed to protecting private information just as you are. Look for national companies and also look at their procedures. Some companies will have you escort your information out to their equipment and often it is shredded right in front of you.

What are some functions of information systems?

its protect the document or files inside the hard disk.

What companies offer to shred one's hard drive to protect data?

There are many places especially online that offer this such as, automated shredding, leonardbros, american shredding, cintas, columbus paper shredding, and techway services.

What are some ways to protect myself against fraud identity theft?

Some ways to protect yourself against fraud identity theft is to never carry your social security card in your wallet, alway shreddocuments that have any of your personal information on it and never give out your personal information to a solicitor. Be sure to regularly check your credit reports. Knowing your social security number so if your wallet or purse gets stolen no one has access to it. Shredding your personal information, being wary of scams on the internet, even purchasing identity theft coverage.

What does HIPAA do?

protect individuals medical records and other personal health information

Is someones personal information secure over a network database?

One's personal information may not be secure over a network database. Therefore, there is a need to protect privacy and security of personal information in the global electronic marketplace.

How does the privacy act protect information?

it is a protection program for our personal information eg medical records name or address

What type of controls and safeguards are used to protect classified information?

Technical ,physical, and personal

How Secure Shredding Services Work?

In order to prevent identity theft and protect privacy, the federal government enacted the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, or FACTA, to address the proper disposal of consumer information. Every company that operates within the United States is now affected by this legislation and must abide by secure disposal, which usually involves a shredding service, of any papers containing consumer information used for business purposes.The items to be destroyed or shredded include items such as:medical recordsfinancial documentstax documentsAs companies were faced with having to support reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive consumer information including:burning, pulverizing, or shredding of sensitive documents, orerasure and destruction of electronic recordsMany companies now rely on secure shredding services engagements to handle business information destruction. These shredding services are often implemented instead of installing and maintaining document shredders in offices, medical facilities, tax handling services, and financial institutions in an effort to ensure compliance with regulations and reduce the risk of lawsuits.Some of the reasons for employing a document shredding service include the following:It's an ethical business practice that ensures a business has professional help and handling of document destruction.It's easy, cost-effective and they have a much higher shredding capacity than in-house shredding machines.It's supporting green environmental efforts because most shredding companies also support recycling the materials after shredding is completed.It gives a company a competitive edge by eliminating the risk of exposure to competitors, and ensures that the organization and destruction of the paper documents are efficiently handled without additional effort or employee involvement.It reduced legal risk associated with human error that can occur and cause potential client or customer harm.

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