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Q: Is dog pneumonia contagious to humans?
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What diseases can humans catch from other humans?

i think they can catch pneumonia but im not too sure xD Pneumonia is not in itself a contagious disease (either between humans or between animals and humans). However the thing which caused the pneumonia (normally a virus) can be contagious.

Is dog pneumonia contagious to cats?

Bacterial pneumonia may occur in both dogs and cats. It is highly contagious between dogs but cats cannot catch it from a dog.

Is a dog staph otitis media ear infection contagious to humans or other dogs?

It is not contagious to humans. It is contagious to dogs.

Is dog pneumonia contagious to people?

yes because the dog can make the people sick all so

Is shipping fever in cattle contagious to humans?

Shipping fever in cattle is usually not contagious to humans. Shipping fever is like pneumonia that humans get. It is contagious to other animals and should be dealt with immediately by isolating sick animals for other animals.

Is bronco pneumonia is contagious?

its not contagious

Is bronchial pneumonia contagious in humans?

Well I don't think that if fluid fills up in your lungs it can spread to someone else. So nope, it's not contagious.

Is pneumonia contagious in horses?


Is basal pneumonia contagious?


Are guinea pig sicknesses contagious?

Many including Pneumonia are contagious to other guinea pigs, if you have suspicions that your guinea pig is sick separate it from the others just in case they get it. But if you are thinking contagious to humans than the answer is no.

Can you catch pneumonia from other people?

pneumonia is not actually contagious .

Can you kiss your girlfriend if you have pneumonia?

Pneumonia is not contagious. -Go forth and smooch!

Is cow pneumonia contagious to horses?


Is bilateral pneumonia contagious?


How does pneumonia get passed around?

The most common form of pneumonia is not contagious, however, there is a rare form that is contagious, and can be spread by any form of contact.

Is pneumonia contageous?

pneumonia is not contagious but it is very dangerous and it can stop you from breathing and kill you.

Can your Russian tortoise catch pneumonia from your guinea pig?

Pneumonia isn't contagious.

Is pnueumonia contageous?

Certain types of pneumonia like Walking Pneumonia are contagious.

What is a contagious disease that starts with p?


Can your dog make your other dogs sick?

Yes of course!! Just like humans, some sicknesses in dogs are contagious. If your dog's sickness is contagious then it is possible that your other dog will get sick. yes

If your dog has the stomach virus is it contagious for humans?

Dogs do catch some viruses that are contagious to humans, and vice versa. Even though dogs can share illnesses with their owners, it is not possible for a dog to share his flu (or any other illness that causes an upst stomach) with you.

Is Cow pneumonia contagious to other cows and horse?

When cows get pneumonia it can be passed to other cows.

When is pneumonia most contagious?

during the first week

Is a staph pneumonia infection contagious?

yes VERY

Can dogs pass on parvovirus to humans?

No, canine parvovirus is not contagious to humans. However, humans can carry the virus on their skin or clothing and pass that to another dog, perpetuating the infection.