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No, doing is present tense. The future tense is will do.

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will do Did is the past tense of do. Do is used in the future tense. will do I will do my assignment tomorrow going to do She is going to do her assignment tonight. is /am /are doing + time phrase They are doing their assignments on the weekend

The past tense of do is did. "We did a lot of work today. "The future tense of do is:will do - I will do the washing + going to do - I am going to do my homework tomorrow + doing - I am doing my homework later.

Did is past Do is present Doing is future.

There are four:Future TenseFuture Continuous TenseFuture Perfect TenseFuture Perfect Continuous Tense

The future tense is will be.

The future tense is "will have"

The future tense of do is will do.

past tense is got future tense is will get

No, get is present tense. The future tense is will get.

"will send" is the future tense of send.

"You will copyright" is the simple future tense. The future perfect tense is "You will have copyrighted". The future continuous tense is "You will be copyrighting".

The future tense of get is will get.

The future tense is will get.

there is no future tense

"Give" is in the present tense, or could be future tense. "Gave" is in the past tense. Use give when you are talking about doing it soon, or in the future. Use gave when you are talking about something you already did.

Were is a past tense form of be. The future tense of be is will be.

Present tense:I amWe areYou areHe/She/It isThey areThe future tense is "will be".

Am, is, and are are present tense forms of be. The past tense forms of be are was and were. The future tense of be is will be.

It is to be used in future perfect tense or if the sentence goes like 'we would have been doing the same work tommorow' then it is in future perfect continuos tense.

The verb 'will' is the future tense.

Government is a noun and does not have a future tense. Only verbs have tense. Govern is a verb, and the future tense is will govern.

Past tense - went. Future tense - will go.

Dropped is the past tense, and will drop is the future tense.

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