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Is domestic cat a carnivore or omnivore?


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August 30, 2010 11:23PM


The domestic cat is a carnivore, but sometimes there is rice and wheat mixed into dry food for cats. However this provides nothing in the way of nutrition and pet food manufacturers add this as cheap filler to bulk up the food. Cats do not benefit from this at all.


Domestic cats are "obligate carnivores" meaning they eat primarily animal-based protein. Plant-based proteins (carbs such as rice and wheat) don't provide the essential amino acids that cats need.

Think about what a feral or stray cat would eat. Mice and birds, right? What are mice and birds made up of? Meat, uncooked bones, and moisture. The only plants/grains a stray cat would get from eating prey are the contents of the stomach of that prey. A miniscule amount.

Dry cat food is made up mainly of grains and is very low in moisture. Canned cat food is made up of mainly meats (if a meat protein source is listed first on the can) and moisture.