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If you can handle the time to get the second major, go for it. It may give you more options fo job hunting.

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Q: Is double majoring practical?
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How do you spell majoring?

That is the correct spelling of "majoring" (primary study field).

How do you answer What is your major?

That means what a person is majoring in college. If a person is majoring in engineering, as in electrical, mechanical engineering. The major part of the studies surrounds what the person is "majoring" in, or the major amount of studies.

What rhymes with margarine?


Can you say your majoring in teaching?

Properly, you would say you are majoring in education - and you can clarify it with "primary", "secondary", as the case may be.

What is Miranda Cosgrove majoring in?


What can a bachelor's of business majoring in accounting do for your career?


How do you say I am majoring in In french?

Je suis majeure

What jobs can you get for majoring in math and science?

Engineer, CEO.

What are Philippines' majoring trade partners?

The philippine's majoring trade partners are the US, Egypt, and Eastern Germany. The imports they receive are mainly electrical accessories and, believe it or not, television.

What can you do with a doctorate in psychology?

yes you can, however i did mine majoring in sciences.

How do you say is majoring in french?

se spécialiser en....(ex She is majoring in physics - elle se spécialise en physique) We would also talk about 'la matière/discipline principale'

How many minors can you take when you're double majoring?

If you are doing a double major I wouldn't do a minor. One major and a minor is enough to keep people working hard to graduate. What you have to ask yourself is why you are doing so much? Will it get you are better job? What are your goals? Or are you just showing off?

How many credits are needed to earn a Bachelor's Degree?

depends on what you are majoring in

Does UCLA have Criminal Justice?

If you're planning on Majoring in Criminology or Criminal Justice then the answer is no.

What is a good college for majoring in music?

Berklee College of Music

Will the government or state pay me for majoring in nursing?

"Pay you" - no Financial aid - maybe

What is a satirical sketch?

A sketch that is Satirical Sources Majoring in a Masters Degree in Math :3

What is the correct comparative form of practical?

more practical

What is the comparative and superlative for practical?

more practical, most practical

What's the best calculator for a college student majoring in Physics?

The TI-89 for the money is probably the best calculator for a student majoring in Physics -- the fact that the graphing capability allows you to see the input is very useful when performing multi-stpe operations.

What is a practical?

Practical is the synonym of realistic. When practical term is used, it simply means that the statement is not hypothetical. It can be done because it is practical.

Is there a benefit to double majoring?

It could be. It just depends on your overall career goals and objectives. I would not take a double major, just for the sake of a double major. There should be a specific reason for doing so. If not, you risk placing one over the other or sacrificing the completion of both in good form. Create your vision. A clearly articulated picture of the future you intend to create for yourself, and your path will become clear.

How long is soon as practical?

Soon is practical as soon as you think soon is practical

What is the comparative and superlative meaning of the word practical?

more practical, most practical

What is the prefix and suffix for practical?

-Al is the suffix of practical. There is no prefix of practical.