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There is no scientific proof that drinking Diet Soda can give you cancer.

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โˆ™ 2014-08-29 22:52:02
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Q: Is drinking diet soda give you get cancer?
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What type of cancer does diet soda give you?

Diet Soda does not give out any cancer.

Can diet soda give you cancer?

No diet soda cannot give u cancer that is just an old myth

What kind of soda gives you cancer?

Any soda with coloring in it like dr.pepper , diet coke/coke , pepsi , and root beer can all soon give you cancer.

Is drinking diet soda good for you?

no, its no better than real soda.

What is worse regular soda or diet soda?

Diet soda has worse side effects. I would recommend drinking normal soda and drinking it in moderation so you don't get the terrible side effect of obesity.

Does soda give you cancer?

yep but not diet ice tea like crush pepsi and cream soda root bear and alot more

Does diet soda can cause premature babies?

It hasn't been proven that drinking diet soda causes premature babies.

Can drinking diet soda cause back pain?


Do diet sodas make you crave sugar and is it bad for diabetes?

I have yet to get a craving of sugar from drinking diet soda, and I don't know anybody who has. The only documented experiment on this concluded with that a craving for sugar can occur during or after drinking diet soda, but not actually because of the soda.

Can drinking a lot of soda give you a kidney stone?

Drinking soda can make it more likely to form kidney stones.

Can diet soda cause cancer?

yes diet soda is bad for u it contains aspratain which can lead to brain tumers and cancers but i still drink diet sodas anyway

Why might one lose weight despite drinking pop?

That's like asking why not all smokers get cancer. Soda, including diet soda, is unhealthy and should be had, if at all, only as an occasional treat. See also:Eating healthily

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