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no, its no better than real soda.

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โˆ™ 2009-07-22 18:49:44
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Q: Is drinking diet soda good for you?
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Is drinking diet soda give you get cancer?

There is no scientific proof that drinking diet soda can give you cancer.

What is worse regular soda or diet soda?

Diet soda has worse side effects. I would recommend drinking normal soda and drinking it in moderation so you don't get the terrible side effect of obesity.

Does diet soda can cause premature babies?

It hasn't been proven that drinking diet soda causes premature babies.

Can drinking diet soda cause back pain?


Is soda pop good for you?

It is harmless if you do not have too much, however it has no real benefits to your health. No! Especially diet soda, which is nothing but chemicals and artificial coloring. Drinking soda (especially diet) can lead to obesity and diabetes. Drinking diet soda if you are already a diabetic is especially bad, as the body sees the artificial sweetener as a real sugar, only a hundred times sweeter, and reacts accordingly.

Do diet sodas make you crave sugar and is it bad for diabetes?

I have yet to get a craving of sugar from drinking diet soda, and I don't know anybody who has. The only documented experiment on this concluded with that a craving for sugar can occur during or after drinking diet soda, but not actually because of the soda.

Is diet soda good for a diet?

No soda is good for a diet. Try sticking to water! Diet soda contains harmful chemicals, such as aspartame. However, energy drinks are alright (not sugar free)

Can a person Lose weight if they stop drinking diet soda?

yes because some diet sodas have sugar in them.

Will drinking a 2 liter soda a day cause health problems?

It certainly could, especially if the soda isn't diet and it has caffine. Soda has very high amounts of sugar in it, and if you are drinking caffinated soda you could become addicted. While diet soda is not as bad for you it increases your appetite and causes you to be hungrier more often.

Does not drinking soda help you to lose weight?

Yes, not drinking a soda does help you lose weight, because usually, a soda is non-diet so it contains a lot of sugars. And if you dont drink soda, it can prevent you from being unhealthy.

Which soda is good for you to drink diet or regular?

Neither diet soda or regular soda is good for you to drink. Try sweetening water with fruit like lemons or limes.

Which is worse drinking diet soda or nothing at all?

It's better to drink nothing.

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