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Q: Is east one of the positions in the card game of Bridge?
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Is bridge a card game?

Bridge is a card game. It's proper name is Contract Bridge.

What are the positions in card game bridge?

The four players at a bridge table are generally referred to by compass directions: clockwise around the table, they are North, East, South, and West. They do not need to be sitting in those actual directions; this is just a naming convention. North and South are partners, as are East and West.

What is a bridge card?

A card used in the playing of a game of "bridge".

What are the rules of the card game bridge?

The rules of the card game of bridge depend on the number of bridge players and the particular game of bridge they are playing, and as always there is the one who makes their own rules as they go, just saying.

Where can one find the rules to the card game 'Bridge'?

Rules for the game Bridge can be found at many web sites. Wikihow, RPBridge, and HowStuffWorks all have the rules to the card game Bridge. Hoyle also publishes books with the rules to card games including Bridge.

What is a bridge card and how is it played?

Bridge is a card game and is played using 52 playing cards. In bridge, the deuce is the lowest card in the suit and the ace is the highest card in the suit. The aim of the game is to win as many tricks as possible.

Is bridge a preposition?

No, it is not. Bridge can be a noun (structure, or card game) and a verb (to cross, or connect, as with a bridge).

What is the card game Whist?

Whist is a rummy game similar to Bridge.

What kind of game is bridge?

It's a type of gambling card game.

In which country did the card game of bridge originate?

in Turkey

What card game originated in cafes in Constantinople?


What type of game are pontoon and bridge?

Card games :)

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